Thursday, January 10, 2008

TATA NANO - Cheapest Car In The World With Price 1 Lakh Rs. Only

This is TATA-NANO, the cheapest car in the entire world. Rathan Tata launched this car today in the 9th AUTO expo in New Delhi, India. At first, take a look at the special features of this car:

Features of TATA Nano:
  • 624 CC

  • 33 BHP

  • 4 Speed manual gear box

  • 30 liter petrol tank

  • Front disc brakes and drums in the rear

  • Four doors, five seats

  • Expected fuel economy: 20km per liter

  • Euro 4 compliant

  • Top speed 90 kmph

  • On road of the car is 1,40,000 rupees

  • This Car will be launched in India in September 2008

  • 21% more space than Maruti 800

  • 7% lesser by length than Maruti 800

  • It has passed the front and rear crash tests

  • Car name is NANO

Mr. Tata said that the car meets all safety and emission norms and emissions are lower than 2 wheelers. The car has 21% more volume than much popular Maruti 800. Which means the interior space is going to be really good. The car would be indeed launched at price 1 Lakh Rs. excluding taxes.

This 1 lakh rupee car was a major concern for the environmentalists and others who raised concern about the pollution and concession caused by the car if it was wide accepted in the market. The target audience of the car is basically two wheeler buyers who would like to own a car and also second hand small car buyers.

Mr Tata refused these claims and said that the car would be least polluting and as far as congestion is concerned, something that needs to be acted upon is the infrastructure. Stopping someone from making a car that would be affordable to common people nation wide is not an answer.The thought behind making this 1 lakh rupee car occurred to Mr Tata when he saw an entire family traveling on a two wheeler, a common sight amongst many cities and towns in India. The car will empower those families to travel in a more comfortable and safe manner irrespective of the weather conditions.The car will definitely revolutionize the four wheeler segment in India and around the world.

Download Images of TATA Nano from here