Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is Google's GDrive Really Coming ??

Rumors surrounding Google’s GDrive online storage service has just escalated to a new level. Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is on the verge of releasing a service which will allow users to store their files on their Google Account. If the rumors are true, then GDrive users will able access their files from any computer with an internet connection. Google has declined to comment over the rumor, but WSJ sounds pretty confident with their unnamed source.

WSJ speculates that both paid and free version of GDrive will be launched, however, it’s not clear exactly when Google plans to launch this service. Google will certainly have to some issues like privacy, copyright infringement and cost of storage. Bandwidth and storage doesn’t come cheap, which is exactly why third party apps like GSpace didn’t gain approval from Google.

I’d love to see this rumor come true because I usually flock from computer to computer with my USB drive hoping to do something. This service will eliminate the need for me to carry my USB drive. How much can you store on GDrive? No idea, but since Google already provides 5GB for Gmail, It wouldn’t be so hard for them to provide 5GB of file storage on GDrive (for free, of course).

[Via: DailyApps]

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