Sunday, November 18, 2007

You Could Hate Having a Laptop - Find Out Why ?

You just got a new job and your boss approaches you with your first major decision: “Would you like a laptop or a desktop?” he asks. Which would you choose? Before deciding, you go through the pros and cons and ultimately decide to get a laptop — you can take it with you wherever you go which will be much nicer (although, that does mean work can come home with you). With more and more businesses these days issuing laptops to their employees to use, it almost seems that desktops are moving out and laptops are moving in. Even though laptops may be more “popular”, there’s still a rather long list of things that could cause you to end-up hating your beloved computer.

Computer World recently published an article titled “10 things we hate about laptops” in which they went through some pretty valid reasons. Here’s what they came up with:
  1. Battery life still bombs

  2. Laptops get banged up and broken

  3. They’re tough to fix, and they die young

  4. They get lost

  5. They’re difficult to secure, digitally and physically

  6. Security precautions make users nuts

  7. Wi-Fi is still the wild, wild, west

  8. Laptops spawn a new breed of uber-entitled user

  9. They’re too big or too small

  10. Software performance just ain’t the same
Out of that list, are there any that really stick out as being a reason you’d avoid getting a laptop, or one that would make it fall short of being a perfect computer? Topping my list is battery life. Sure, many laptops have a decent battery life, but my problem has always been that the batteries don’t keep their full charge for long enough. Another big one while I was a student was that it got banged up pretty easily from carrying it around everyday, not to mention the worries of someone stealing it if I didn’t keep my on on it at all times.

Reader Question: Do you prefer a laptop or desktop, and is there anything that you’d change to make it the perfect computer?

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parameswarier said...

I would always prefer a desktop rather than a laptop mainly because of,
1 .Battery problems galore in laptop
2. Security problems , (Physical loss and web security
in operating online purchase etc
3. Ever changing features make one go nuts and costly to cope up with and many more.

I frankly admit, that I dont possess one and have access
to a laptop only when my son occasionally come for vacation from US.

Despite , I am aware of the relative superiority of Desktop
over laptop from bitter experiences
of many of my friends, all owning a laptop.