Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Create Hot Tattoo Videos With Your Name...

I am not sure how your girl friend/wife would react when she will see this video of a girl sporting tattoos in her body with your name but you will surely get loads of fun though it's not very safe for work.

At first, just go to Tattoo Parlor. Then you have type in your tattoo message, select the tattoo style and then choose the body area of the lady where you would like her to sport the tattoo.Then press 'Apply' button!

The final video can be shared with your friends via email [to make them feel jealous] or you can even save the girl tattoo as a wallpaper for your desktop...

Now check out some tattoo videos I have made for this site :

[ Credit goes to Digital Inspiration ]


D said...


Samia said...

Hahaha! That's actually cool. lol. Shara din ki eshob ee khuje berao internet a? =P

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