Sunday, February 11, 2007

Get Free CDs of Ubuntu Linux...

Ubuntu is a free, open source Linux Operating System based on Debian Linux. This flavor of Linux focuses on the User Friendliness and usability of Linux. In spite of being open source, Ubuntu team is dedicated to provide support at least for 18 months after a particular release of Ubuntu.

Also Ubuntu is the most preferred flavor of Linux in this world. And Ubuntu support both x86 and Sun sparc architectures. So that you can run Ubuntu even on Sun Hardwares. In order to increase the popularity, the Ubuntu team is giving away free copies of Ubuntu Linux either by download or by free new CDs. They are giving away free brand new Ubuntu CDs even without any shipping charge. You can request for your free copies of Ubuntu CDs here.

Besdies Ubuntu, there are some other children of Linux Operating System you may be interested on such as Fedora, Mandriva, SUSE, Gentoo, Debian, Knoppix etc. You can also get free CDs /DVDs of them from here.


samiha esha said...

i got 5 cd free from ubuntu he he :)

samiha esha

Happy said...

Hi baby. How r u??? Ur smile is so ... Have to understand?

Anonymous said...

It was cool when they where doing it with every new release, but now they only send out 6.06 LTS. its not bad if you cant download the ISOs of newer versions though.

Anonymous said...

mmm... i tried to install ubuntu, but it gives me x server error :( ... checked some online forums and a lot of people are suffering from the same problem... i wonder how it can be fixed :S

- Audity

Anonymous said...

I got 5 cds of 6.10 desktop version and using it.its a nice os. But Shaon bhaiya would you please to tell me how can i install a tar.gz file in ubuntu 6.10 version? I have tried so many times but failed to do that. the tar.gz file cintains my graphics driver of intel 865G. I am waiting for your answer.--Ashik

Anonymous said...

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hannah said...

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