Friday, January 12, 2007

Get a Free copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007...

Microsoft is continuing to build-up to the launch of both Windows Vista and Office 2007! Part of this excitement is their Launch Event 2007 called ‘Ready for a New Day’. So, how does the free copy come into play? Well, anyone who attends one of the launch events will be given a free copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 as well as Microsoft Office Groove 2007.

The launch event will give you the chance to experience Vista, Office, and Exchange server 2007 in action. These events are being held all across the United States, even in the states you’d least expect it! On their website for the launch event, they have all of the details including a clickable map so that you can find exact locations, dates and times. They have two different events, one being ‘Microsoft Across America’, and the other being ‘Ready for a New Day’. Each have a different agenda which you can view on the web. When you go to sign up, you’ll either register to take the partner, developer, IT pro, small business, or the IT Executive and Manager track (each with a different agenda).

So, now you have a chance to get in on a free copy of Office 2007!


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