Thursday, January 18, 2007

Even Windows XP fears President Bush...

Believe it or not, even your operating system Windows XP fears United States President George W. Bush... Now you might think I have gone mad. But folks, I can give you a proof... Lets follow the steps mentioned below :
  1. Open your notepad (Just right click on your desktop and select ‘New -> Text Document’ )

  2. Rename the text document file as Bush.txt

  3. Open this Bush.txt, write ‘‘Bush hid the facts’’ (excluding the quotation marks) on it. Then save the text file and close it.

  4. Now re-open this Bust.txt. Shocked ??

    - you can't see the text you have just typed, but instead you will see a bunch of squares (or, as I later found out, some Chinese characters - that is, if you have the Chinese fonts installed, which is not my case).
So now you believe Windows XP fears President Bush ?? Some of the more wide-eyed conspiracy theorists postulate that this result is a form of political commentary directed against US President Bush and was knowingly and deliberately programmed into Notepad by Microsoft. But this text is not the only one to cause problems in Windows XP Notepad. There are other strings as well that cause Notepad to screw up, including ‘‘this app can break’’, ‘‘sami can not dance’’ and even ‘‘abcd efg hij klmno’’ and ‘‘xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx’’. What do these phrases have in common ?? They are made up by four words made up by four, three, three and five letters, all lowercase.

But if the text file is saved as ‘‘Unicode’’ text encoding instead of windows XP default ‘‘ANSI’’, then the text displays correctly. Older versions of Notepad such as those that came with Windows 95, 98 or ME do not include ‘‘Unicode’’ encoding support so the error does not occur. Now you might wanna know the reasons behind this ‘‘bush hid the facts’’ easter egg/bug of Notepad... Now, two different but similar explanations can be given :

Explanation #1 :
After the ASCII-to-hex conversion of the string, Notepad rearranges the hex codes not according to ASCII standards, but to Unicode, and that messes it up. For example, take ‘‘bush hid the facts’’. The hex codes (they can be seen with any hex editor you want to download) for the string are:

62 75 73 68 20 68 69 64 20 74 68 65 20 66 61 63 74 73

Arrange the codes to make up Unicode characters and you will get:

7562 6873 6820 6964 7420 6568 6620 6163 7473

You should notice that every code here is hyper linked. If you click on each one of them, you'll see that each one represents a Chinese letter. So this whole thing's cause is the coincidence that the 18 ASCII characters happen to represent 9 Unicode characters. And, of course, Windows' inability to determine the right encoding of the file.

Explanation #2 :
This explanation is slightly different, but the basics are the same: the difference between ASCII and Unicode. It's just a matter of Notepad defaults. You see, when you save the file, in the "Encoding" field, the default drop-down is set to ANSI. So, by default, Notepad saves as ANSI. But if you do a File -> Open, the default Encoding is set to Unicode. That's exactly what happens when you double click a saved file. Notepad knows the path, but not the Encoding. So it uses the default Unicode encoding, which spits the Chinese characters as explained above.

And that's about it. No easter eggs, no conspiracies, no Bush interventions. Just plain old Microsoft.

[ Credit goes to Steady Rollin' ]


Brahma said...

Neat..For a moment I thought it was easter eggs..Thanks for the explanation..

Anonymous said...

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anondo_uchhas said...

Wow...and to think there was a serious problem with the computer. I found this post hilarious.

By the way...thanks for your comments...and yes I have to agree that the statement by Dr. Yunis is amazing. Hopefully in the future...we will be seeing many things from this generation. But as for now...we are in the making.

Thanks again...and I definitley love your site. I guess if you were a computer genius then it's all possible.

Take CAre!

Samia said...

Cool. Your posts are so much more interesting than the titles suggest. You should write more often Shaon.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading. Like above said, you should write more often. :)

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