Monday, January 22, 2007

Apple iPhone :: why should you buy and why shouldn't...

The Apple iPhone combines three products - a mobile phone, a wide screen iPod with touch controls and an Internet communication device with email, web browsing, searching and maps - into one small and lightweight hand held. Offering an entirely new user interface the iPhone integrates a large multi-touch display and new software, letting users control iPhone with just their fingers. The iPhone allows users to make calls by pointing at a name or number.

Why Should You Buy an Apple iPhone :
  • Phone’s accelerometer detects when users rotate the device from portrait to landscape, then automatically changes the contents of the display, so they immediately see the entire width of a web page or a photo in its proper landscape aspect ratio.

  • An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to the appropriate level for the current ambient light, thereby enhancing the user experience and saving power at the same time.

  • Doubles as a wide screen iPod with touch controls to enjoy content - including music, audio books, videos, TV shows, and movies - on a 3.5-inch wide screen display.

  • Features Cover Flow, Apple's way to browse the music library by album cover artwork on an iPod.

  • Watch TV shows and movies purchased from the online iTunes Store, with touch controls for play-pause, chapter forward-backward and volume.

  • Integrated with Yahoo! Mail to 'push' IMAP email to iPhone users or with industry standard IMAP and POP based email services, such as Microsoft Exchange, Apple .Mac Mail, AOL Mail, and Google Gmail.

  • Quick switching - while listening to your music using the iPod application on your iPhone, the phone rings. As the phone call comes in, the music fades out, and the screen changes allowing you to answer. While on the phone, you can even pull up photos to send in an email, and browse the web. After you end the call, the iPod continues playing where you left off. Amazing!

  • Other features you may like:
    • Only 11.6 mm thickness and 3.5 in. width
    • Runs Mac OS X (access to Safari Web browser)
    • Touchscreen display with multi-touch support
    • 2 megapixel camera
    • 8 GB storage
    • Bluetooth with EDR and also WiFi
    • Quadband GSM radio with EDGE
    • EDGE or WiFi, the phone switches to WiFi when detected
    • Google Maps: Satellite directions, traffic monitoring, and normal maps.
    • Random access voicemail
    • Widgets: Weather and stocks
    • Photo album lets you scroll through images with your finger and you can zoom in/out by “squeezing” or “pinching” the screen with two fingers.
    • The orientation of the screen (landscape or portrait) will automatically rotate based upon the orientation of the device itself.

Why Shouldn't You Buy an Apple iPhone :
  • Only 2-megapixel camera when others have 5-megapixel shooters on board.

  • It will be a closed platform running software approved by Apple only. That means Apple will get a huge cut from selling the software through its iTunes store. It may even charge a dollar per ring tone.

  • Only 5-hour talk time, poor battery life.

  • It does not have 3G, but will have EDGE (2.5 G). 3G is faster but eats up the battery life, and apple may not have a good battery in place to support 3G.

  • No removable battery - that means you can't take along a spare battery for iPhone.

  • No expansion slot. So if you go for this 8-GB model and that's it, you can't add up extra memory card.

  • Price of iPhone: $499 (4GB) or $599(8GB) with a two year contract, by the time the contract is over your, iPhone will probably be scratched all over like the Nano or be made obsolete by better phone on the market.


anondo_uchhas said...

That is an amazing looking phone. Very suave, savvy and high-tech. I'm guessing it is necessary to update technology along with the people. However, I know I wouldn't be using half the things on that phone. But this is definitley the way to flourish this ever-growing economy. Now I wonder what they'll come up with next? Hmmmm....can't wait.

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