Monday, June 12, 2006

A Musical Journey...

This is the music download section of this weblog, where the author will share some of his favorite songs… Here, you will find almost all types of songs: soft, pop, rock, rap, metals, instrumentals or even Rabeendra Shangeets. This section will be updated periodically with more songs… So, don’t forget to visit this page again and again… Here, you can also request for a song via posting a comment or via sending an E-mail. The author will try to upload your requested song if he has got it in his collection!


So, what are you waiting for ? Just go to the music section , download songs from there, listen them and rock on…

You can also subscribe to this section… Then, you will be notified whenever any new song has been added to this music database…

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Disclaimer: This page has been created only to share several favorite musics of the author with his friends & other visitors and without any commercial motive. You may not download these songs in any way that results in copyright violation and if you don’t know copyright laws of your country! If you abuse this site for any illegal purpose, the owner of this site will not be held responsible for any action that may be taken against you as a result of your misuse.

Friday, June 09, 2006

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Contact Information...

The best way to contact with the author of this weblog is via E-mail. So, if you require any help or you just wanna say him a friendly hi, then feel free to email him. Mr. Author is also available in Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. So, if you are using either of these instant messengers, you can send him an online/offline message, if you wish... You can also post a comment upon this blog entry...

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

About Mr. Author...

Every weblog has got some information about the author and this weblog is not a different one! The author of this weblog is Ferdous Mahmud Shaon, mostly known as ‘Shaon’ and this weblog is all about his dreams and thoughts. He is from Dhaka, the capital of a small but beautiful country Bangladesh.

Online Profiles:
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A Closer Look:
Difficult to be understood.
Quiet unless excited or tensed .
Honest, concerned about others' feelings.
Friendly, emotional, temperamental, possessive and unpredictable.
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Caring and loving.
Strong sense of sympathy. Judges people through observations.
Moody and easily hurt. Forgiving but never forget.
Loves to be alone....likes to be quiet. Homely person.
Waits for friends, Never looks for friends.

Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved.

A Geek or Not ??

----------------------------- BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK ------------------------------

GCS>$ d- s: a- C+++>$ UL P L+ !E--- W+++>$ !N !o !K w+ !O !M !V PS PE+ Y+ PGP? t 5? X+++ R? tv+ b DI? !D G++ e h-- r y?

------------------------------ END GEEK CODE BLOCK --------------------------------

If you are not a 'Geek' , then you can learn Geek Code from here

Family Life: Shaon was born on July 13, 1982 in Dhaka. He is the elder child of his parents! His father is a retired Govt. Officer and his mother is the founder and Managing Director of Junior Laboratory High School. He has a younger sister and recently she has completed her 3rd semester in BBA from South Australian University. Now, Shaon is staying with his family in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Education: Shaon has just completed his graduation from the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in BUET. Currently, he is working as a software engineer in the Java Team of Escenic, Bangladesh and SomewhereIn. Later, he is thinking of doing his MSc. and PHD from abroad. Shaon passed his SSC from Government Laboratory High School in 1999 and HSC from Notre Dame College in 2001. You can download his personal resume from here.

Work Info:
  • Software Engineer, Java Team
    - Employer : Escenic, Bangladesh (
    - Time Period :June, 2007 – Present
    - Location : Gulshan, Dhaka.

  • Software Engineer, Java Team
    - Employer : Somewhere In (
    - Time Period :June, 2007 – Present
    - Location : Gulshan, Dhaka.
Interests: Shaon is a music freak. He listens all types of music: soft, pop, rock, rap, metals, instrumentals or even Rabeendra Shangeets, depending on mood. He doesn't like heavy metals though. He likes soft romantic movies; he likes science fictions, thrillers and comedies! Shaon has been a great fan of Soccer (football) and Cricket from his childhood. He has a good interest on technology, programming and web development as well. Shaon likes traveling a lot. He has already traveled several places inside and outside Bangladesh. He enjoys surfing in the net and online chatting whenever he has got some free time!

Testimonials: This is the section where you can give a testimonial for Shaon if you think, you know him a bit. You can share your views via posting a comment upon this blog entry or via sending him an email. This section will be updated periodically including your testimonials! So, contribute with your comments and let other people know what you think about Shaon!

RikhiMy acquaintance with Shaon was through some really rough situation. We were members of an online community where we ran into each other. We had a bitter start full of misunderstanding which led us to where we are now without any place of bitterness ever thereafter. We have laughed about it later a lot – how we started through fights and never fought again ever.

Shaon seemed to me always as very simple, down-to-earth, straightforward, and outspoken but at the same time introvert, quiet, soft, caring, and peaceful. After our virtual acquaintance, when we finally met I found him to be the exactly same person as he seemed in internet. That’s the best thing about Shaon – he is all real. There is nothing fake or showy about him. It is good to see that my absence from internet for so long has not affected our friendship. We still share the same intimacy and hopefully, it will not change ever...



SamiaShaon is a good friend of mine, and when he asked me to write a testimonial for him, I thought, “uh oh, here goes our friendship…” I hope I was wrong to think in such a way. One reason for such reaction is that I understand what a grave honor it is to be invited for a testimonial. I was not sure if I could come up with something that would express my thoughts on Shaon precisely.

Enough has been said about my dilemma and now to the real deal. I have known Shaon for a little while now and in this short period of time, I have learned much about him, and in the process of doing so, have become close friends.

Shaon can sometimes be emotional or demanding, but he is very sweet and caring, which most of his friends probably already know (and better than me too).

Shaon is a relatively conservative person, and he loves the expression “hmm.” And oh, girls, beware, he does not like chocolate as birthday gifts! How I know? Don’t ask.

It seems I am writing a short biography of Shaon, and so readers, please do excuse me for the lack of creativity. But I must warn you, do not take my dullness to be an indicator of Shaon’s qualities. He can entertain you day and night. He can make you laugh, and make you smile. If you give him attention and time, he’ll give you caring and music, and a lot of current news too. So, stay tuned folks, and enjoy the site!!



ShafiA very nice and friendly person who would surely die for his friends.You will be damned proud if you have someone like him by your side. Likes to taste different foods and I think he has visited almost all the restaurents/fast food shops of dhaka (Most of the time with me, because i also love them too). He is a genuine genius and likes to see the finish of what he's trying. That's a portion of shaon....