Saturday, November 11, 2006

Windows XP Service Pack 3.0 :: No need to wait more…

We need Windows XP Service Pack 3.0 badly now. When you install a new XP system, after installing Service Pack 2.0, you will find over 60 more updates to install now. We predicted Service Pack 3.0 would be out sometime in 2006!!! But 2006 is almost over. Most of the ‘XP Service Pack 3.0 predictions’ were based on statements from Microsoft executives and the Windows Service Pack roadmap available on the Microsoft Site.

Microsoft initially hinted that XP Service Pack 3.0 could be released before Longhorn but very soon, Windows Vista became the top priority and Service Pack 3.0 development was pushed further back.

Service Pack 3.0 was planned as a regular bug fix release with no new features though there were rumors that Internet Explorer 7.0 and Windows Media Player 11.0 could be bundled with XP SP3. Unfortunately, nothing of this sort happened and Microsoft finally pushed XP Service Pack 3.0 to first half of 2008.

Now the next big question – “How to keep track of various security patches, updates and hotfixes that have been released by Microsoft since Windows XP Service Pack 2.0” debuted in August 2004??

While you can install Windows XP Service Pack 2.0 from the CD, connect the computer to the internet and turn on Windows Update so that all patches are automatically downloaded and installed, this is certainly not the best approach - imagine when your net connection breaks or you have to build 10 computers or you don't have internet at all??

Well, here's an easy installer package that will install every single Microsoft update on your XP Service Pack 2.0 computer. The program is called Autopatcher for XP and maintained by a group of Windows enthusiasts who update this program every month embedding new fixes that Microsoft released in the previous month. Like other standard Windows installers, Autpatcher also features a slick looking GUI and can be customized to install as much or as little as you please.

The most remarkable part of Autopatcher is that you don't have to restart your Windows machine after every update. With AutoPatcher, you can install critical patches offline, eliminating the risk of getting infected while using Windows Update.

More resources: Autopatcher Help , Autopatcher FAQ.

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Russell said...

Live free or die -- dump Window$, use Linux.

Get to know more at:

Anonymous said...

Thnx! I will surely try out Autopatcher!

Kingbodonti said...

shaon excellent blog shajaichis... B-)

Sharif said...

Thank you brother! Your blog is really kool.

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Anonymous said...

does autopatcher require genuine windows?

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Emerson live in the brazil, I would like to know algunm site where I can low the windows seen in Portuguese. you can help myself please

Anonymous said...

Can we use autopatcher on a non genuine windows

Anonymous said...

Can we use autopatcher to upadadte non genuine windows

'zH said...

Yes..u can!

Mark said...

'zH said...'
"Yes..u can!"

He's right but you can't update IE7 and WMP 11. Anything that uses Windows Genuine Advantage won't work if your OS isn't legit. Use the tricks on this weblog to install IE7 and WMP 11 and stuff Microshaft.

salil said...


You have done a grate job... i appreciate your effort.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks me now enjoying all your tips.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


bingo said...

thanks shaon for the ie7 authentication bypass tips. i have already told my friends about your site. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thanx's my moslem bro, you are greater than western hacker.

Your Indonesian

Anonymous said...

i tried all the steps man doesnt work! ):

i dont have a copy of service pack 2 that could be the there any other ways....i cant get one man wot to do???


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i stumbled into your weblog during my search for a way to make my xp genuine. i have used some of your tips, particularly about media player 11 and it worked!thanks a lot. by the way, i have been unsuccessful in my attempts to make my xp genuine; most of those i've found no longer works (microsoft must have found out). can you help me on this? i am from the philippines.

Anonymous said...

Greate work ,thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

Well unfortunatly i just did the 2.0 and internet update :( but will get the autopatcher! sounds great

Fernando said...

It's so easy to make windows 100% licensed (Windows Genuine), so you can download/install all updates

1 – Download the file “Instrutions.txt”, they have the easy instruction for the next 4 files:

2 - Download and Open "Generate Windows XPVLK Genuine Serial" ( ) from :

Then select "Windows Xp Pro. VLK" from Product Family section, press "generate"
to generate a brand new Windows XP VLK serial, note it to somewhere to use on the next step.

3 - Download and open "Change Your Windows XP Key" ( from :

Select "Change Windows Key" from the options, then enter the serial you previously noted
in the previous step.

4 - Download and open "Windows Genuine Advantage Fix" ( ) from :

Select "Yes" in the dialog to apply genuine fix, now your windows must be licensed.

5 - Download and open "Genuine Advantage Checker" ( ) from :

"Genuine validation status" must be changed from "Blocked VLK" to "Genuine"

After that you can :
- download all Windows and Office updates,
- play all the media with "Windows Media Player 11",
- Surf the web with "Internet Explorer 7",
- and much more..

just enjoy...

jfuad_bd said...

How can I licensed Windows Vista from a copy of non-genuine Vista operating system?

Azlan16 said...

Worked like a dream Cheers Mate

Anonymous said...

the best bita info i have seen in a long time, thanks heaps.
All leads worked no probs.

khalid_akhtar said...

TXXXXXX bhai it worked for meeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, excellent hacks. Tnxs,

Anonymous said...

thanks keep to nice work up i have read your article on ie7 load on xp2 pirat.. done on my pc nicely done donna check ur arti.. on wmp11 check thattoo. hope works. i have a quest.. how to get rid of geniune advan.. in ms o/s, is it possible?

Bwana said...

DANG!!!! Just found your AUTOPATCH blog and they just shut it down!! Two days too late for me.

Thanks for all you do. Great workarounds, you're the man.


Any torrents info for the XP and Office 2007 autopatch files?

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BOSS said...

Hey Shaon its wonderful job u r doing...I am able to install windows defender... good work keep doing it...but at the same time it throws me an error... it cannot check for new definition updates... with error code 0x80072ee2.

Another thing was autopatcher site was down please le t me any other sites that i can get the updates after the XP sp2..


bhool bhulaiya said...

shaon hi nice blog . plz help me to download window xp sp3 ? plz tell me from where i can download ? ok txxxx

dhruv said...

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