Monday, November 06, 2006

Uniquely Singapore...

Yap... I am back. On the 26th October (the day after Eid-ul-Fitr) I had left for Singapore with my family as I said before in my previous blog entry and I returned on the 1st November. The trip was supposed to be longer but due to some official reasons of my parents, we had to return earlier. It was a nice little holiday trip and I enjoyed a lot.

ingapore is an island city-state and the smallest country in South-East Asia. I never knew that the entire Singapore is as small as our Dhaka city. But it is highly developed. Singapore has the highest standard of living in Asia and is ranked 11th in the World.

The name 'Singapore' is derived from two Malay words 'Singa' (that means Lion) and 'Pura'(that means city). Hence, Singapore is also known as the Lion City. Now, you might be thinking why it is called Lion City!!! According to folklore, this island city state was first discovered by a Prince named Sang Nila Utama. The first animal he saw after he had set foot on the island was supposedly a lion. Therefore, he decided to name this island 'Singapura'. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, an official with the British East India Company, is known to be the founder of the modern Singapore!

Singapore is the place that once you come you won't like to leave any more! Everything is more than beautiful. During this short trip, we had visited several beautiful paces. We had visited the Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Sentosa and Mount Faber. Among those places, Night Safari is simply amazing. It's the most beautiful Safari I have ever visited and it's the world's first ever Night Safari. We also enjoyed a lot the Bird Show in the Jurong Bird Park. We also visited to the Sentosa Beach. The beauty and cleanness of this beach really amazed us.

We did some shopping as well. As you know, Singapore is always a great place for shopping since it's a port city and everything you will buy as a tourist will be tax free. You would surely love to buy some electronic goods and clothings. We had visited several shoppings malls including the famous 'Mustafa' and almost all shopping malls in the beautiful Orchard Road. Even those shopping malls are adding beauty to this island city!

Every time, I went abroad I never missed to have foods in some famous food chain shops. This time was not a different one. Almost everyday, we used to go to KFC or McDonald's. We also went to a Bengali Restaurant named 'Kostouri' (not the chain of our Bangladeshi one though) as well and their foods are as tasty as any Bangladeshi restaurant. KFC is my all time favorite and my mom loves the Crispy Chicken Burger of McDonald's. So every time, I wanted to go to KFC where my mom wanted to go to McDonald's. And so there were always some arguments between us. It's really funny! :D

Now I just wish to say how much I appreciate the helpfulness and honesty of the Singaporean people. On this trip, my dad had lost his wallet and didn't realize it until he returned to the hotel at least an hour later. But after about two hours a phone call came to our hotel and a friendly staff at Night Safari confirmed to my dad that they had the wallet of my dad. Then my dad went to the Night Safari again and collected his lost wallet with everything inside. I just cannot imagine getting back a lost wallet in a park where zillions of people pass through in any city/country other than Singapore.

Singapore, your are truly unique...To me, you are almost 100 years ahead of our country! It's sad for us but it is true. It is discipline and determination that made Singapore ahead of most Asian countries. I am really looking forward to visit this beautiful Singapore again...

Selected photos of our Singapore Trip has already been uploaded in the Photo Gallery. You can directly check out those photos from here.


superstar said...

good picture

Samiha Esha said...

Nice trip.......thanks for sharing...and Aunty n You looking superb in sentosa island...:)

Take care....Enjoy More...Bye Bye...:)


Samiha Esha :)

smehreen said...

beshi beshi moja, na? :)
I love the birds...

Lubie said...

Interesting Pictures u got there ... specially the 1 with the peacock. And it looks like you guys had a lot fun :D ... just perfect for a little vacation :P

Till then
Have fun :D

Rikhi said...

wow! aunty is looking beshi jossh in kamiz! she was looking different in sari .. :)
have you lost more weight after Eid by the way? :O

Shaon said...

Hi @Rikhi...

yap... u r right... mom is looking beautiful and younger in those pics...looking like my elder (or younger ??) sister... isnt it ??

r amar weight? r bolish na... Singapore giae KFC r McDonald's e kheye ulta weight gain korechhi 2 kg... :((

Shaon said...

Hi @Mehreen... yap onek moja... :P I do like birds too...

Hi @Lubie and Esha... thnx for your comments...

Hi @superstar... welcome you to my weblog...

nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan) said...

no doubt it was gr8 tour...
my salam to aunty ... traveling is obviously a great experience ... hope inshallah i will start traveling sooon ... (got a wired bro... who stay with tribe ppl and eat usual tribe food...) .. i am gonna start long walking practice ;) hope i will start hiking with my wired bro...

thank you,

savannaview said...

the pics are really gr8:)

Shaon said...

Hi Hasan, yap it was a small but interesting trip! And i do enjoy traveling interesting places! :D

Shaon said...

Hi 'savannaview'... welcome you to my weblog again... and thnx for your nice comments!

TWeaK said...

Hi Shaon,

As a Singaporean, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

Your dad's experience is not the norm here though... Of all the occurences of lost wallets I know, the owner is only able to get it back 1 out of 10, even so, out of that 1 time, there is a 50% chance everything valuable is taken. :(

Either case, hope you come back again. Universal Studios is coming to Sentosa together with the Integrated Resorts being built in a couple of year's time.

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Muhd Haqim said...

Thanks for visiting my country...

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