Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Qwerty Warriors :: An Online Typing Game You Will Love

Qwerty Warriors is one of the most addictive typing games I have ever seen. It will help improve your keyboard typing skills and most importantly, it requires no download or installation. Just hit the play button below and turn on your speakers for the best gaming experience!

How to Play: You are in the center of a battlefield and enemy tanks are approaching you from all sides. Each tank is associated with an English word of three or more letters. Type that word as quickly as possible and hit enter. If the word is spelled correctly, the enemy tank would be destroyed else they start firing at you reducing your health factor.

Download Link: Right click here and select Save Target As to download this typing game!

Word of Caution: This typing game can be addictive and may cause pain in your fingers. Play at your own risk. :P

Source: I am Bored.Com


nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan) said...

great game. just palyed... and scored 33840

Lubie said...

Hehehe, I ended up playing hard for a while and pretty proud of myself :P

Snigel said...

Nice game, except for one thing. It is really annoying that enter is the key to finish a word. When typing, you hardly ever press enter and when playing on impossible it is impossible, not because it goes too fast, but because my right hand starts to hurt after a few minutes.

Snigel said...

Uh, I forgot. Spacebar would of course be a much more sensible choice of key.

Snigel said...

Two more comments after another try:

1) The game is too easy. I got 15000 points on Impossible and stopped just because my hand began to ache. Another problem is that it doesn't seem to get harder, so the only thing that limits max score is time available and endurance.

2) Enemies sometimes stack, which makes it impossible to see what words to type.

Anonymous said...

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