Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Dead Yet ... ...

It has been a while since I wrote a blog entry… but my weblog is not dead yet… During this long break, some of my readers wanted me to know why I was not writing those days… and the reason is nothing but my semester final exam! It was my 7th semester final exam in buet and I am supposed to be promoted to my last semester (L-4,T-2) after the result… Every semester final exam in buet gives me some terrible experiences and the last one is not a different one… But I don’t wanna share those terrible things with you though… The bottom line is: I am just fed up with buet and freaking buet exams… Now, I just wanna get rid of it… The good news for me is: only some five~six months to go and then hopefully, my graduation will be completed!!! So guys… wish me luck for my last few days in buet…


SuperB said...

Nice to hear from you.

Samiha Esha said...

Shaon Bhaia,

All's Well That End's Well.....So I think You gonna miss Your BUET when you will leave the place...cause I know You had spend great times over there....So Don't misguide yourself and your readers...:)

Wish You all the best for the most memorable days in BUET in your next semester.....Good Luck :)


Samiha Esha :)

Samia said...

=) Samia agrees with Samiha... Once the bad days are history, people tend to miss those times... Anyhoo, Good luck with the final term and make many good memories! Hopefully BUET won't give you too much hard time the last few months you'll be there... Enjoy!

AuditiO Addabaaz said...

bhaia, apni atodin jokhon survive korechen r koita din-o thiki parben :)

savannaview said...

amar ekhoni oshojjho lagchhe..aro 7ta term kibhabe paar korbo Allahe jane:(

Shaon said...

Hello MEFTA Bhaiya... thnx for your comment... :-)

Shaon said...

@Esha... I have never had any quality time in buet... and I am sorry to say I would never ever miss it... Thnx for your comment thoungh...

Shaon said...

@Samia.. thnx for your wish... And I just hope your wish comes true in my last semester... :-)

@ AuditY... It's nice to c u in my weblog after a lit break!

Shaon said...

Hello 'savannaview'... welcome you to my weblog... donno your name though... But I am sure you r also a buet victim like me...

Good wishes for your remaining buet life... but I am sure my wishes will never gonna work though... :S

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Anonymous said...

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got any new how-to's in your mind?

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