Sunday, October 22, 2006

How to Install Internet Explorer 7.0 Bypassing Genuine Windows Validation...

Internet Explorer 7.0 is the long awaited tabbed web browser by Microsoft. Nearly four years after the release of Internet Explorer 6.0, in the face of growing competition from Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft has finally given the old IE platform a facelift. Optimized design along with new cool interface, favorites centre, search box, RSS feeds and most importantly easy to use tabbed browsing are the exclusive features of this new internet explorer.

You must have Windows XP Service Pack-2 (SP2) in order to install Internet Explorer 7.0. But still you will face a problem while installing this new Internet Explorer if your copy of Windows XP is not a genuine (non-pirated) one, since IE 7.0 installation requires genuine windows validation!!! So what to do??? Don’t worry… There are some tricky steps through which you can install IE 7.0 even in your pirated copy of windows XP bypassing the genuine windows validation. You just have to follow the following steps one by one:
  1. Download Internet Explorer 7.0 installer from the Microsoft site. You have to choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) as your operating system. Remember you can’t install IE 7.0 if service pack 2.0 is not installed in your operating system. And if you are facing genuine windows validation problem while downloading IE7 installer from the Microsoft site, can also download this installer alternatively from here or directly from here.

  2. Extract the downloaded Internet Explorer setup file (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe) using WinRAR to a directory (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu).

  3. Download the patched iecustom.dll and then copy-paste it to the update folder (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\) and click yes when asked to overwrite.

  4. Now, download normaliz.exe . Then copy this exe file and paste it in your “c:\” drive.

  5. Run ‘update.exe’ in the update folder (not iesetup.exe!!!). At the end, you have to choose ‘Restart Later’ (not Restart Now) option to finish the running process of the exe file.

  6. Now you have to download normaliz.dll and then copy-paste it to “c:\windows\system32\” directory (in order to prevent problems with the file not being found after the installation). And then reboot/restart your pc.

  7. After rebooting your pc, you may face a problem with a file called normaliz.dll that can not be found by explorer.exe. If you’re having this problem, you will find your desktop blank.(If you are not facing this problem then just go to step 8) In order to fix this problem, you have to do the following things one by one:

    1. Press ctrl-alt-del to go to the task manager.
    2. Go to “File -> New Task (Run…)” in the task manager.
    3. Type: ‘C:\normaliz.exe’ (excluding quotation marks) in the ‘open’ field and then press the ‘ok’ button.
    4. WinZip Self-Extractor - normalize.exe’ window should popped up and then press the ‘unzip’ button.
    5. Reboot your pc and yahoo!!! now you can see your desktop contents!!!.

  8. Now you have to run ‘xmllitesetup.exe’ in the update folder. This step is very important, because somehow if you forget to run this ‘xmllitesetup.exe’ , IE 7.0 will be installed in your PC without it's toolbar!!!

  9. Then reboot your pc again, run Internet Explorer…and you are done!!!

Looking for a More Detailed Tutorial with corresponding Screen Shots ?? then visit this Hack IE 7.0 Tutorial Page !!

So folks, don’t forget to install Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 in your pc and enjoy the experience of tabbed browsing with lots of new features. And those who are using Firefox, can use a special IE Tab plugin to enjoy browsing in the Internet Explorer environment being in the firefox and switching around from Firefox to IE and IE to Firefox. And thus you can make your web browsing faster and more interesting...

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thanx man much appreciated

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thanks dude...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

YAY thanks now i have IE7 works no problems

Anonymous said...

hey thanx a lot dude,ur IE7 really works,gr8 deal of work done

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Russia - forever!

Anonymous said...

Hi...can anyone help me...i've followed the steps, but the normalise.exe file i saved in a folder in my documents rather than straight to the c:/ drive. now my desktop has gone and i can't get it back following steps 7- but trying to open it when i saved it if u get what i mean. please can anyone help me get my desktop back?! thanks!

Anonymous said...

it worked but my toolbars are all messed up they are there buttons and all but theres no skin it looks weird????
i did everything like you said

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great job. Thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

i am able to bypass validate ie7. But the installer takes a lot of time showing BACKING UP REGISTERY then installer vanishes. Then i receive an error IE SETUP CANCALLED. Please tell me Shaon where the problem is? others plz e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you!! great steps =D

IE7 reminds of another browser.. =P

Firefox rules ^_^

Anonymous said...

Everyone is such a faggot... thanks for devising this workaround.

Anonymous said...

what do i do if i am running xmllitesetup.exe and i get a message saying that the integrety of update.inf cannot be verified and to make sure the cryptographic service is running...

please help me....i want IE7 so bad

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Anonymous said...

Worked on 1 computer....with the other it fucked up my IE 6.0. (application failed errors etc. on launching ie 6.0)
So back on square one again...
what's next?

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

During the intallation of ie7, i got error in step 7. When i try to extract normaliz.exe error occured " Can't Create
Output File C:\Windows\System32\Normaliz.dll

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried this on WinXP x64?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Procedure worked great, thanks

Abhishek said...

Thank u Shaon BHaiya, u r great man .
main aap ka bahaut aabhari hu.
U R Helping Millions of people in this world Thank's a lot again very much..

happy holi

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cool!! it works!

K. said...

thank you so much for the information
given for installing windows media player 11.....................
i am so glad
With regards

Sameet K said...

hi i tried to bypass the windows validation for IE7 and followed the steps that u had mentioned and uptill step no 6 everything was cool i restarted the system and the desktop was not coming up so i followed the step no 7 that u have mentioned but it did not work so pls tell what to do in that case???????

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, you're the best, now i have ie7 running, ¡¡cool!!

Anonymous said...

shaon bhaiya it did not work for me
when i clicked unzip in 7.d step then the computer showed an error message that it can't create output file C:\WINDOWS\system32\normaliz.dll
please suggest what to do
i am emailing from a cybercafe and i cannot use my computer as it is not showing the desktop

Anonymous said...

I cant install SP2 as im non genuine! How can i bypass this so i can do the rest??

Anonymous said...

What can i say... you are THE MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

You Are the Man i am super happy that this worked You are a true internet wizard
my Windows is genuine also

Holly said...

I tried this but got a blank desktop...step 7 did not work for me.

So I used system restore to go back to my original desktop.

Ctrl+Alt+Del for Task Manager
File>>>New Task>>>Browse

Then browse to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore.lnk"

The System Restore utility will restore your desktop.

Anonymous said...

hi there, your instructions were expalined clearly. but i've got a problem when i launched the ie7, most of the icons were missing even though i already done the last step. good thing i closed ie7 and redo the last worked!!!thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently I'm an idiot because I'm stuck on step 3. I cannot locate the (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\) folder. Someone please help!

Anonymous said...

I found the folder, wasn't using winrar. (smacking forhead) thanks anyway.

bm said...

Gracias, hace un tiempo lo queria instalar y no podia, es que soy un poco torpe.

Anonymous said...

Evala bace, lud si, davai v sushtiq duh she im eba maikata na tiq ot microsoft :D

Han said...

Hi guys,
anyone here to help me out? I need those XP authentication hack, could you please send it to my e-mail? Please...

Han of Philippines

Anonymous said...

ı have problem I apply all of them but when I restart windows welcome screen appeared but after desktop icons and taskbar missed and an error message about explorer.exe
I go to new tasks and write c:\normaliz.exe and and click unzip
to extract it in system32 folder in windows ı got an error message
"can't create output file C:\windows\system32\normaliz.dll
and I tried it with command prompt and it told that file is in use by another program and I restarted with safemod but again it didn't work. Can someone help me please???

Anonymous said...


i m a great fan of urs.

i did both ie7 and wmp 11, , using ur tips.


Anonymous said...

This thing SUCK !!! My other windows applications got corrupted after installing IE 7.0 using this method .

Anonymous said...

It's so easy to make windows 100% licensed (Windows Genuine), so you can download/install Internet Explorer 7

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thought i was screwed this saved me!


Anonymous said...

I dont know about all you morons out there, FF is crap, period. ANy *inx system, it is crap, and any WinXP system it is Crap, and so Is opera. FF Will ALWAYS have bug, and will always be crap. You knwo why.. Because it is an open source. To many conflicting problems with to many plugins, that arent compatable with each other, not to mention the sloppy Coding of the browser itself, omg, it isnt even clean and neat like IE. That is one.

Ywo: IE has been around foever, and everyone knows about it and uses it as a basis for coding webpages in/for. That is why it is alot more widly used than FF and will always be, I have never had a problem with IE at all, unless it is the WGA, and as somone pointed out on here, he is Spyware, that is all it is, I would even go as far as it to be Malware on some level. Yes that maybe the case but it is easy to disbale or workaround it, which for any MS user, it is fine by us to work around. I have my own company, have over 200+ comptuers that use WinXP Prof... All legit and Individual Lic's. And on ever single one, I have Bypassed that WGA and followed his steps, know why? Cuase It is alot better than Reporting back to MS to mommy and causing a huge heartache becuase of that Dang WGA, even with LEGIT Lic/Keys the keys still can fail, and still can have problems. Legit or not still doesnt matter.

Now Also if anyone is having problems with these steps, keep in mind if any of you have the 'Media Center' Editon of Windows, LOL I feel sorry for you big time, the MC edition is crap, and IE will more than likley crash your system, as well as any updates. If you dont belive me... goto MS's site, and look it up yourself, it is there they knwo this is a problem, but they dont want to fix it because MC is crap all in all. Frainkly I would UPgrade to WinXP Prof, or if youa re Poor WinXP Home.

Also, Dont use ANy Win Vista Versions, dont Upgrade to that OS it is crap. PIECE O CRAP. I HAD it on my laptop, and on my deak top, and it was crap, none of my games worked for it, hardly any of my programs worked with it. Out of the all the programs i had only about 5% of them worked with Vista out of the 126 programs that i have. EVEN FF, so dont go telling me FF is good cause it aint, At least IE7 WORKED, your Crappy a$$ FF doesnt. I have Ultimate, so I have the Best.... and FF is crap period.
Heck WinXP Prof, was better off in program usage/compatability when it first came out than Vista has been. Apporx 97% better in compatability.

IN a nut shell:
1) Dont Use FF Use IE7
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Anonymous said...

How do you gat the black message box? if u put dat up id greatly appreciate it:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, are you kidding???

dont use internet explorer 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Use Mozilla Firefox or Opera, microsoft iexplorer sucks! hahaha, please people be intelligent

Archie said...

u rock man lolz

ankur said...

it dosent work
unzip in system32 is unable to create output file

taz said...

Thank you for this great "work around"! It worked like a charm, and your instructions are extremely detailed and easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

it sucks.. it ruined the file in the system.. thnx alot. hope u have another trouble nxt day for giving us the trouble.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Though I had a licensed copy, I have been receiving stuff at the stage of activation such as "so many activations have been made for the license key you have, you may contact customer support for help, but WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO PURCHASE A NEW LICENSE, bla bla bla..."

Noone should have to deal with these. Please continue the good work.

branko said...

This guide is great...
Visit my site too :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help... never would have done it on my own.

Anonymous said...

i didn't finish reading the instruction, and started already. so i thought that i had a virus, etc, etc. when i try to use the safe mode, i still can't get to those files. in the end, i had to uninstall the whole ie. i am just gonna stick with firefox and opera now.

chinatown said...

thx a lot..

Anonymous said...

I have a problem. I read too fast and pasted noramliz.exe in the c:\windows\system32 file. I rebooted and tried to unzip but an error came up saying the file normali.dll couldn't be unzipped in the c:\window\system32 folder. I can't see my icons on my desktop, in fact the whole thing is blank, as you forewarned. I tried the other steps and restarting but nothing seems to work and I only can run things through the task manager. Can you help me please?

Anonymous said...

I wanna be your frien xD cool man thankx a lot you rule it works just fine on me next one on the list: windows defender =) keep up the good work

Muhd Haqim said...

Thanks man, btw are u a muslim?

Anonymous said...

Really worked fine as stated!!!! Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much its working and i am enjoying it

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaon
I passed the validation while I was downloading IE7.......IE7 is cool

Anonymous said...

thanks very much!!!

God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

As another friend mentioned above, the tips here aren't working anymore. I have used these tips for a while now, so this isn't my first time. Now we are getting problems during IE7 installation like: access denied, and the problem with normaliz.dll cannot be fixxed anymore. 1) Because it's impossible to open normaliz.dll with winzip like it's here now. 2) The tips were different here before. We were supposed to copy normaliz.dll from c:\ to c:\windows\system32. But not even this old tip is working anymore. They say some process is already using the file, and I can't overwrite it. I have just killed all process possible to kill, but it's still impossible to overwrite.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh help me seriously plz!!!!!on step 5 i mistakingly restarted and everythings blank i didnt look ahead and write down step 7 so i deleted everything i downloaded from ur web znd now i cant find C:\normaliz.exe plz help me how to get my pc back to normal(write post to help me or email me at or music4u4801@hotmail)plz help!!!!!!:(.

Anonymous said...

lol nvm found another way i just used ccleaner and forced that thing not to startup when computer starts. :)

Anonymous said...

lol nvm i solved the problem wit ccleaner i removed it from start up.:)

Anonymous said...

anyone getting the "Installation did not complete" should download and replace the iecustom.dll again.
For some reason the first time I downloaded it it was corrupt, but the second time it worked fine

Sephiroth said...

I just want to share s tip to windows XP genuino, in Ares go to sofware, advance search and in the title put Win XP Activator, the file is about 68 kbs. just a warning, that file has a trojan so you need a goo antivirus like the avast home edition, is the only antivirus that would fin it, than erase it and done, you XP is now Genuine!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info man. I was able to install without bypassing anything coz I'm using a licensed software but I would share this with my friends.

By the way, my friend was asking how to do the same in MS Photostory3, any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Ok then why does IE always get popups and firefox doesnt? IE gets lots and lots of viruses. Firefox doesnt.

Anonymous said...

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alp said...

Thank you very much !! Çok teşekkürler ...

Polash said...

You're such a geneus:)

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't fucking work for me, can't even load explorer. Had to do system restore..

Anonymous said...

you definitely rock !!

Palz said...

This is really rocking .Thanks Dude . i am going to share this with my friends

Anonymous said...

Hi shameem here...

thank you very much ,,
i downloaded the IE7,,

Hellion said...

For all you having problems with extracting Step 7:

2. File > Run
3. Browse
4. Find "normaliz.exe"
5. Right-click
6. Open

Then you should be able to extract it.

Dave said...

Excellent info, I installed IE7 with no problems the first time. Thank you

Anonymous said...

WMP11 & IE7 BYPASS work it.

BlackWidow said...

Why are people who prefer firefox on this blog about ie. I used firefox before because I heard how much better it was than ie and how everything looks better in it. It's over rated. Too much hype and a lot of shit talking. You can always tell who the geeks are. They talk the most trash, when there is no reason for it at all. Just move on.

Anonymous said...

when i unziping the file normaliz.exe a messege shows cant create a output file of c:\windows\system32\normaliz.dll

Anonymous said...

have a problem. I read too fast and pasted noramliz.exe in the c:\windows\system32 file. I rebooted and tried to unzip but an error came up saying the file normali.dll couldn't be unzipped in the c:\window\system32 folder. I can't see my icons on my desktop, in fact the whole thing is blank, as you forewarned. I tried the other steps and restarting but nothing seems to work and I only can run things through the task manager. Can you help me please?
my email id is

Help Please! said...

Shaon, please help me, the ‘xmllitesetup.exe’ file isn't installing. Its giving me a cyclic redundancy error or something like that. What do I do? Heeeeeeelllllllllpppppppppp.

Help me Please said...

I made a mistake. Because I had to read the instructions to be sure I ended up opening explore just after I rebooted before reading that I have to install xmllitesetup.exe. Now I don't have the multi-tabbing feature or a menubar. What do I do? Please Help Me!

Anonymous said...

hey thnx again dude nw 4 ie7 . keep rocking(cracking) like dis man ....thnx again i wud also like u 2 b updated wid new tricks of winzip,nero7premium,etc.....

Anonymous said...

When I get to the update setup it says to run iesetup.exe instead! HELP!

Anonymous said...

Do I need to keep C:/normaliz.exe after everything's done?

Anonymous said...

Hi, on running the update.exe file it said "to install IE 7, please run iesetup.exe instead. I did follow instructions properly. Any reason for the same?

Anonymous said...

how do you know IE 7 is pass GWV after installed IE7? i mean where can you check?

Anonymous said...

dada yaar one prb
the windowz media plyr workz supppeerrb fantastic but this shit goes wrong.. it says it needs wininet.dll.mui. what shit is this yaar.. if anyone can temmme da problem contact me on or

QAIM said...


Anonymous said...

just read and try to understand coz, its all writen there....Ok?

Anonymous said...

gracias gracias gracias muchas gracias

jórge luis said...

dude, one BIG question, before intalling all that stuff, i can delete it?
(obviously the program not)
but the things in C:/?

Anonymous said...

nice great Blog Shaon, thank you very much , :D WMP11, IE7 ,WDef & WPFolder ,all works you are great , gretings GL

Anonymous said...

HI SHAON WHEN I GOT TO STEP 7d MY COMPUTER SAID can't create output file: c:/windows/system32/normaliz

Anonymous said...

can any1 help me?

can't create output file: c:/windows/system32/normaliz

this is my problem that i face, i cant see my dexktop also.. please do reply in here

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to install IE 6 SP 2 with Vista? I read earlier blogs but that link is no longer active. IE 7 is not compatible with some of my work programs and the only fix is to install IE 6 but Vista wont allow me. Anyone know a way around this?

Anonymous said...

help help help
while downloading IE explorer 7 i did a major mistake of selecteing start now insatead of start later on
everything stopped and refused to start
finally i am able to restart my computer but few of the application refused to start
should i format
or u have got some other plans
kindly help

Anonymous said...

Magic - Excellent thanks, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Worked w/out any problems !

Anonymous said...

Thank you VERY VERY much...Very good step by step! Did work without problems, not even showing a blank screen , hehe!

Thanks dude, LOVE you ;)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks!!!

Fran said...

Jeez, serious spam issue here.

About testing sites on different browsers, that's ok for commercial develpments (ask Machiavelli), otherwise, instead getting into the insanity of trying all IE, FF, Opera and Safari versions still running around, it's easier to stick with the w3c standards (not like if do that always, but I try) and let the big guys do their homework.

Bugging IE6 users with some failing PNG's here and there will give you some good karma, too. :P

Anonymous said...

Awesome guys! Thanks.

redx said...

Check out the windows media player 11 WGA bypass.
It's way easer!

Marcelo Labarthe said...

Hi i'm having some trouble when i click on the "iecustom.dll" link a message appears: "The bandwidth or page view limit for this site has been exceeded." what does this mean? please help me out!

Anonymous said...

shaon .....
man, this guy rocks...
just awesome....

Anonymous said...

Ok I've installed Internet Explorer 7 but my Internet Explorer doesn't work anymore msn, mozilla firefox etc are working perfectly what should I do?? please HELP

Anonymous said...

If for any reason you computer can not install Internet explore 7.0 you can do system restore by doin these

1.Press ctrl-alt-del to go to the task manager.
2.Go to “File -> New Task (Run…)” in the task manager.
3.Type in msconfig and a windows should pop up.
4.Then click on system restore

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Anonymous said...

hey ! is there any way to revert the instalation? =(

Anonymous said...

thank's for all i`m very grateful. greetings.

atte. wallace.

Urmila said...

Hey Shaon! Thanks for making this process simpler compared to others!


Anonymous said...

thanks mate

aditya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aditya said...

ey i have my OS installed in E i tried ur step by step procedure.i copied normalize zip to c drive and i jave put the normaliz.dll in e drive system32.
but the prob is ---after reboot the explorer (desptop blank). i went to task manager and did ur procedure.i unziped normaliz.exe in c drive system32 ( in c drive i dont have any OS) but culdnt unzip in e drive system 32 (some error--cudnt copy file).

sreekumar said...

Cheers!!!!!!!!!,It worked fine on my WNDOWS XP SP2 ,AMD64 system.I hav'nt faced the problem described on step 7.Thank you Fedous...

Anonymous said...

thx a lot
u r a genius

Anonymous said...

sweet workede thanks

Anonymous said...

Awesome :) thanks very much
now i can test shit browsers in shit operating systems from my Mac OS X desktop under Parallels

suresh said...

Excellent Bhaiya Your ie7, super i am very thankfull to your help. Bhaya i want abbyy fine reader pro8 (how to install) and related Keys

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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gagan said...

i had used your process for installing IE7.0 with same process, from update folder clicked on Update.exe, changed file iecustom.dll and , copied normalize.dll in folder d:\windows\system32, but desktop items are still accesible and i am not able to view the same.please guide

Andaaz said...

Thnx buddy!!! u helped me alot !!!

Humayun said...

Jot!L Guru J0t!L !! Google search option e giye likhechilam "installing IE7 bypassing validation". then apnar webpage and solutional instruction dekhe bhabsilam vua..kissu hobena...kintu bhaijaan Tobdha khaya gelam..jokhon dekhlam khub easily shob hoye gelo...thank u very much Shaon bhai. Ei odh0m apnar Khadem hoye gelo ! Erpor apnar paayer dhula kibhabe amar ghore install kora jay,tar ekta instruction diye diyen..lolz.JooG JooG Jiyo !

Anonymous said...

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Mayur said...


You ROCK man!!!!!

But i have little problem. When ever i close IE that time Error report comes and when i click on 'Dont send' all IE windows closes. Because of this all my opend sited are getting closed. Can you help me out of this?

coated said...

I just read the other day that Microsoft will not longer validate your license to download IE7. I guess it's their way of retaining market share.


???~???? said...

after i follow ur instruction to install IE7, i follow all step but when i come to copy the normalize.dll file into system32 n i reboot my computer but i found that all desktop are missing then i follow ur instruction to zip the normalize.exe into system32 but it pop out"cannot create output normalize.dll" n the normalize.dll canot delete from my system n now my computer totally cannot see any desktop can it be????
pls reply me as soon as possible or msn me in
thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sudharshan said...

hello sir...

i need to use the itunes store but it
reqiures money. so can i have any hacking of itunes user id and password. If so please let me know

thank you

Dallas said...

God,man~~you are awesome

Anonymous said...


For ppl interested in ie 7 ...juss disable ur internet connection and install IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe.

This is as simple as that.

..and Mr. SHAON...If ur intention is to help ppl then why dont u show them the easy & risk free way ???!!! Already some naive ppl are calling u god ..thinking that u r the author of all this crap!!!!Common ..dont be a chicken ...say sorry to ppl like David who blew their os trying to use ur method.


By the way engineer..where did u pass from???? BUET or GUET(DUET)!!!!

Anonymous said...

People i would really appreciate some help..

A few days ago my computer turned off due to loss of power( my battery ran out) and after i replugged it and turned it on.. it went through the windows Xp loading age(where the three blue dots move to the right..u know the loading part before windows opens) after that a black blank screen appears and nothing after that.. though i can see the mouse crusor and move it around but nothing beyond..
i have restarted it millions of times and such trying to see if its something i know how to fix but nothing... i went to the F8 menu on startup so u could choose what mode u want to run it in, and ran it in every choice of the menu and still nothing worked.. PLZ Help.. i have a SP2 CD and have installed another windows, but didnt replace the old one, so now when i turn it on i have two window choices my old one(home edition) and my new one(professsional) in the hope that i can recover my documents from the old stupid documents, i dont care about the music or nothin like that, i have a 13 page research paper on it, and 7 other english papers i just cannot lose.
So if anyone outthere could at help plz contact me( just repost here
thank you very much
any help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Nice...Verry Good.

Anonymous said...

hi.. hey the method to install IE 7 is not working.. i have followed the steps as written but the ie7 is not gettin installed.. can u help me.. i have installed cyrstal XP.. is there any way????

Anonymous said...

hey !! plz help me one thing!!

the normal IE7's icons are like this

but now my installed IE7's icons are like this!! watch the tab browsing bar!!
i think the icons are mixed with the last version of IE!! can anyone help me solving this problem plz?!

thx & regards.....

Anonymous said...

ty said...




Naach said...

Thank you man really i have to thank you!!! can u do ma a favour can you tell how to crack adobe photoshop cs3 plz plz i tried a lot but i don know how plz

you_quiver_we_deliver said...

Thankyou for making the whole process so easy. Worked first time. Cheers.

Abel said...

Hi from Spain, and thanks for all. But I still have a problem with the step 7. I run the normaliz.exe, but I always have an error message. The file normaliz.dll in system32 folder is already used by another program and I can't overwrite it. I don't know what program can be that :S can anybody help me?

Thanks again ^^

Anonymous said...

Wow, este es un super aporte para todos los que tenemos windows sin activar, muchas gracias Thanks men it is wonderful.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Heyyy dude thanx for ur work in cracking meidia player11 & IE7

Anonymous said...

i accidentally deleted the normaliz.exe is there another way to fix the black screen problem

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Anonymous said...

Hi M8

Worked fine on one computer but the 2nd one I had to go to step 8.

Then big problems it won't work. It just continues to give the missing file message even after I have re-installed. I even tried to browse opon winzip and do it that way.

Any ideas?

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Juan said...

You dont have to do all that if you have the product key that i have, all i did was downloaded the updates and it automatically installs service pack 2 then i go in and install IE 7, the only problem i got was that it was trying to validate my product key and could not so when you reboot it keeps counting down before you can log on to windows but once in windows you can disable that and no more problems. Very easy

taufiq said...

Sir,I have followed ur instructions to by pass original IE7.But the problem right now is.., my dekstop is blank fact kernel32.dll has some errors.Step 7 does`nt solve my problem..what should I do Sir?

Donald G said...

OMFG! This kicks so much ass! Worked perfectly, and now i can run updates!
Thanx for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Muchisimas Gracis, esto me ha servido bastante, lo he instalado en varias pcs

mohibul said...

its awesome initiative
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Works like magic!

Thanks alot for this article.

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Anonymous said...

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Tikaram said...

This is a very good way to install and use IE7. Thanks more...

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