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How to Install Internet Explorer 7.0 Bypassing Genuine Windows Validation...

Internet Explorer 7.0 is the long awaited tabbed web browser by Microsoft. Nearly four years after the release of Internet Explorer 6.0, in the face of growing competition from Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft has finally given the old IE platform a facelift. Optimized design along with new cool interface, favorites centre, search box, RSS feeds and most importantly easy to use tabbed browsing are the exclusive features of this new internet explorer.

You must have Windows XP Service Pack-2 (SP2) in order to install Internet Explorer 7.0. But still you will face a problem while installing this new Internet Explorer if your copy of Windows XP is not a genuine (non-pirated) one, since IE 7.0 installation requires genuine windows validation!!! So what to do??? Don’t worry… There are some tricky steps through which you can install IE 7.0 even in your pirated copy of windows XP bypassing the genuine windows validation. You just have to follow the following steps one by one:
  1. Download Internet Explorer 7.0 installer from the Microsoft site. You have to choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) as your operating system. Remember you can’t install IE 7.0 if service pack 2.0 is not installed in your operating system. And if you are facing genuine windows validation problem while downloading IE7 installer from the Microsoft site, can also download this installer alternatively from here or directly from here.

  2. Extract the downloaded Internet Explorer setup file (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe) using WinRAR to a directory (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu).

  3. Download the patched iecustom.dll and then copy-paste it to the update folder (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\) and click yes when asked to overwrite.

  4. Now, download normaliz.exe . Then copy this exe file and paste it in your “c:\” drive.

  5. Run ‘update.exe’ in the update folder (not iesetup.exe!!!). At the end, you have to choose ‘Restart Later’ (not Restart Now) option to finish the running process of the exe file.

  6. Now you have to download normaliz.dll and then copy-paste it to “c:\windows\system32\” directory (in order to prevent problems with the file not being found after the installation). And then reboot/restart your pc.

  7. After rebooting your pc, you may face a problem with a file called normaliz.dll that can not be found by explorer.exe. If you’re having this problem, you will find your desktop blank.(If you are not facing this problem then just go to step 8) In order to fix this problem, you have to do the following things one by one:

    1. Press ctrl-alt-del to go to the task manager.
    2. Go to “File -> New Task (Run…)” in the task manager.
    3. Type: ‘C:\normaliz.exe’ (excluding quotation marks) in the ‘open’ field and then press the ‘ok’ button.
    4. WinZip Self-Extractor - normalize.exe’ window should popped up and then press the ‘unzip’ button.
    5. Reboot your pc and yahoo!!! now you can see your desktop contents!!!.

  8. Now you have to run ‘xmllitesetup.exe’ in the update folder. This step is very important, because somehow if you forget to run this ‘xmllitesetup.exe’ , IE 7.0 will be installed in your PC without it's toolbar!!!

  9. Then reboot your pc again, run Internet Explorer…and you are done!!!

Looking for a More Detailed Tutorial with corresponding Screen Shots ?? then visit this Hack IE 7.0 Tutorial Page !!

So folks, don’t forget to install Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 in your pc and enjoy the experience of tabbed browsing with lots of new features. And those who are using Firefox, can use a special IE Tab plugin to enjoy browsing in the Internet Explorer environment being in the firefox and switching around from Firefox to IE and IE to Firefox. And thus you can make your web browsing faster and more interesting...

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Samiha Esha said...

Thank You Shaon BHaia For helping me :)

Try this IE 7 Just Rocking...:)


Samiha :)

Anon said...

Or how about not pirating Windows to begin with? That probably works too...

Anonymous said...

I passed the windows genuine validation by just deniyng the access of internet to the executable...

Anonymous said...

How about just using Firefox instead? You can use it in every OS. Why IE?

Anonymous said...

Because when you're a serious web developer you have to be on the cutting edge of every popular technology. That's why IE.

Yida Li said...

Thank you for this useful guide :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Because when you're a serious web developer you have to be on the cutting edge of every popular technology. That's why IE.

Me says:
IE does not adhere to web standards. So it's not cutting edge.

Registered99 said...

Wow, such ingenuity! I'd like to see that kind of quality in your art...
It's an art site I'd like to see you apply yourself to.

Anonymous said...

Me: no browser adheres to web standards. Firefox actually screws up quite a bit as well. IE7 comes a lot closer.

For the nonHaters, if you do this procedure and find yourself sans-tabbing, and the "File->New Tab" is grayed out, then run xmllitesetup.exe in the setup folder.

Leitxkang said...

Step # 4 is incorrect. There is no update.exe file.

RyeBrye said...

"No browser adheres to web standards."

That's bullshit.

Perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and take Opera for a spin.

Anonymous said...

Leitxkang the update file is in the IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update folder.

Thanks for instructions! Anything to get around WGA.

Anonymous said...

"Me: no browser adheres to web standards. Firefox actually screws up quite a bit as well. IE7 comes a lot closer."

Wow... IE 7 doesn't even support the major "display: table" CSS 2.1 feature, :before and :after, :focus, :active, ...! How on earth did you come to this crazy conclusion? Competing browsers were at this level several *years* ago and not even IE 7 handles them.

Anonymous said...

IE only displays sites correctly and firefox doesn't because many web developers are a$$es and don't make sure the sites they develope work and look the same on both browsers!! This is because Microcrap does not adhere to web standards they make up there own!!! Like those dumb popups in Firefox because IE handles targets for downloading differently then the web standard but most web devs use the way IE handles targets now plugins are out there for firefox to prevent that. So shut ur arse off. You act like M$ is our great savior of computing. Oh, please don't tell me u also think that M$ office comes alot closer to properly creating documents according to standard and Openoffice doesn't. anyways... I'm losing my hair as I type and it's not from my kids but from idiots that behold M$ products as the holy grail when they are just as corrupts if not more so then the worlds politicians.

Anonymous said...

"Because when you're a serious web developer you have to be on the cutting edge of every popular technology."

Maybe as a "serious web developer" you will understand why you shouldn't pirate software, making this guide meaningless to you.

hateNaggers said...

It so happens that I do have two licenses for XP but I bypass WGA as well. Why? Because for it to run I'd have to enable:
1.Windows update
2.Security Center
3.Have WGA running

Hate additional processes just like many other people. So stop Bulls**tin beacuse it's not the matter of pirating software but because of the hate for nagging and stuff alike. Period

Anonymous said...

Sad little people, why not have a valid license in the first place...

Rajputro said...

awesome dude! Do you know that you're in digg homepage??
Congrats :P

Ian said...

IE blows. I only installed IE7 so I can test my pages for the droves of idiots that must use IE as their browser of choice. Firefox is what I use on my PC and Safari on my Macs.

Hitesh said...

"Optimized design along with new cool interface, favorites centre, search box, RSS feeds and most importantly easy to use tabbed browsing are the exclusive features of this new internet explorer."

Cool interface.. yes exclusive

The rest is available in Firefox and Opera so not so exclusive.

Thanks for the info though, works like a charm.

Gdog said...

Nice instructions but I'm going to stick to Firefox 2.0...
Check out my DMZ tour pics!!

Anonymous said...

Firefox uses a addon called "IE in a Tab". That way you don't need to open up an IE window and a firefox window... BOOM BOOM

Adam said...

I tried the above, restarted the computer when required and Windows won't start.


Now I need to reinstall Windows.

Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, now I know how to get IE7 working in a virtual machine and leaving my IE6 intact.

Anonymous said...

:)) sry for ya Adam. Try booting in safe mode and use system restore. I had similar problems with IE7 Beta 2. Never managed to install it. And I can't even install this one. It says access denied.
I'll try to install it one some friend's pc. . . :P

Anonymous said...

You blatantly copy pasted from this original article.

Caught you.

Shaon said...

thnx to all... for your nice comments...

thnx to Shafi.... Yap I know, I am in Digg homepage.... :D

Those who think the steps mentioned in this article don't work, then I must say that you are doing some mistakes while following those steps! I have personally tried out this entire process several times in different PCs and every time I was successful. So there is nothing wrong in those steps.

And I must inform you that I have not personally discovered the entire process of installing IE 7.0. Actually, I wanted to install IE 7.0 in my pc bypassing genuine windows validation... then I searched and found different solutions in the web... I tried out several of them... In most cases, I failed to to install and finally I found out that the steps mentioned in this article worked for me.... So, I just wanted to share those steps with my readers, so that they won't face any problem while installing IE 7.0.

Again thnx to all.... Ciao!

dax said...

those using pirated XP & who use update.exe method of installing IE7 with a modified iecustom.dll file should follow these steps

1) extract IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe with winrar

2) go to update folder, under the extracted files, there replace the iecustom.dll with the patched one

3) now install idndl.exe, then nsldl.exe, then install xmllitesetup.exe & then install using update.exe, & reboot everything will be fine

normaliz.dll is a new file, which installs automatically when we install either by double clicking on the file, or by running iesetup.exe, here we are just doing it manually, it's inside the idndl.exe file

Anonymous said...

or just read this easy five steps tutorial...

WGA Fucker

Anonymous said...

I really think you should take this off dude...
You don't want to invite any trouble, do you?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think you should remove this.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just leave a link to his site...

Anonymous said...


4X in a row. didn't miss anything on the instructions. system's undo's all installations and then restarts machine.


installer used. size and date modified:
downloaded from microsoft website with firefox:
IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe 15,157KB 10/17/2006 8:38PM

halokiller27 said...

Is There SOmething Similar for Windows Media Player 11?

Samiha Esha said...

Shaon bhaia Brilliant :)

I think I am one of the live tester of your process...:)

So Guys Just follow his procedure properly...its quite easy and interesting :)

all the Best Shaon bhaia :)


Samiha Esha :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! It worked just as you said it would. Though I hate M$FT IE, it's better than 6.0

Anonymous said...

I know one easier thing. Install FIREFOX 2.0. No hack required xDD. Better browser, more secure, extensible (no add-ons for usd 400) and funnier than IE. U still believe in IE? Use the best, no the most popular.

Anonymous said...

I would be little kind in my words here.
We are not sure whether ur stuff which you wrote works or not. But we advice you to remove this post, to avoid any legal actions.

Anonymous said...

Dont let these people tell you what to post and what not to post.
Keep your Blog up and be proud! It is people like you that keep the internet safe from censorship. This post was made for people that dont want to deal with GWV.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

this issue has been reported to microsoft, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good Technique being not even noticed by Microsoft till yet of this bug.

veecou said...

I'll pass this to my friends..

Anonymous said...

m$ may take legal action. Be careful. I'll try your method tonight.

ExtremeAmbient said...

Great!!! Thank you man for help me to install this great software, IE7. I tried several times before without any result.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft Can't take any legal action about this blog because Mr. Shaon showed a process with his own creation.....So MS Employee should soon contact with him to know about his technical knowledge :)

Anonymous said...

shaon bhai,
nice stuff, cheers and thumbs up for digg progress...
my personal concern just sharing with you...

i belief you should not post such piracy related stuff.

"amra already piracy raja 99% PC configured hoi pirated software dea. more over amader sikte hobe ke babe ignore kora jae pirated stuff...
please ekto bebe dekben.
- bangla use korlam foreigner der ignore korar jono..."

welcome to Open source world.... unless you are capable to buy all of these stuff.... (M$$)

best regards,
-nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

Anik said...

Found it in Lifehacker.
Kothin :):)

Anonymous said...

whatever m$ still suxxor....still gonna use ff...

Anonymous said...

Way to go GENIOUS! Maybe you should also post a recipe on how to make macaroni and cheese.

Kriss said...

Always use ClearType for HTML turn it OFF in IE7 options. This setting will blur the fonts on sites! IF u have CRT monitor, on LCD dont know.

Thelios said...

Thanks!! This worked like a charm! Still will use Firefox or Opera, tho.

Adam said...

this is all neat and stuff, but who released these DLLs and such? And are they safe? :P

Anonymous said...

Good for you brother, keep up the good work. WGA is spyware, it calls home to Mommy Microsoft, and it has no place in an Operating system.

Anonymous said...

hey, i followed the instructions, but my system got messed up. when i run "update.exe", it said that it cannot copy "admparse.dll". no matter what i do, it still says it can't copy it. i canceled the "update.exe" (there was no other choice; update.exe can't continue without copying "admparse.dll") then the system rebooted itself. after the reboot, the system said that c:\&MFT (i'm not sure about the path, i'm just sure that it is MFT) is unreadable and maybe corrupted. the system advised running CHKDSK. i run it, then system restore (just to be sure). and what do you know, i can't restore to ALL restore points. i can't see any bad effects that it did to my system (for NOW), but i want to be sure. so if anyone knows how to remedy this problem, please leave your comment here.

billwrtr said...

I followed this recipe on four computers and every one of them worked out just fine. Three worked perfectly the first time. The fourth installed with a few bugs; I ran the this procedure a second time and it's working fine now.

Dood!!! You rock!!!

(ps. my copies of Windows are legal)

Anonymous said...

When starting the update.exe, a message pops up saying it is a beta version. Anyone noticed this?

anonymous said...

you rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Shaon. Worked!

Anonymous said...

Wicked work, this is why so much IT work is going to India!! You guys rock!! Keep up the good work, and if Bill calls to offer you a job after you graduate, make sure you get a six figure salary. Thanx again...

Afzal Rahim said...

I am so very grateful to you BHAI !! you have done a great job. GOD bless you !

I wish you well [/red]

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shaon Bhaiya for your great advice. I have install IE7 and it's working superbly. Many many Thanks.I have told these process all of my friends---Ashik,Dhaka

carlso said...

this this the only way to install IE7 correctly:
1. Go to Update folder
2. replace iecustom.dll with a cracked version
3. double click on idndl.exe, then nsldl.exe and then xmllitesetup.exe
4. double click on update.exe


carlso said...

It's very important to execute idndl.exe, then nsldl.exe and then xmllitesetup.exe or you'll get many IE7 crashes !!!!
It's very important to execute idndl.exe, then nsldl.exe and then xmllitesetup.exe or you'll get many IE7 crashes !!!!

carlso said...

ignore the beta message, because iecustom.dll is a cracked version from beta2, but it works fine with IE7 final

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot bud thats very nice of u :oD

Anonymous said...

Salaam bro, good work nice one your instructions worked well

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah..thank you very much brother..its working!!!masha allah..
jazakallahu khair.. :-)

Anonymous said...


4X in a row. didn't miss anything on the instructions. system's undo's all installations and then restarts machine.
And what i get is a partial installation,no TABBED BRowsing for me and no offline browsing.It says that its IE 7 though and looks similar to IE6.So much so for cracking IE7.Heck what should i do now .Help me guys with this

R. Ahmet Kursun said...

Dear Mahmud,

I updated to Internet Explorer 7.0 thanks to your web site. Your crystal clear explanation of the process was extremely helpful. I wish you best of everything on your further education and life!

R. Ahmet Kursun
Izmir / Turkey

Anonymous said...

i don't think MS can do anything about this. this is for informational purpose only and users do it at their own risk. and the creator of this blog takes no rights and responsibilities for other peoples actions.
so keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mahmud, you belong to heaven mate thank you
best regards


Anonymous said...

Exelente!!! instaled and ready to use.

allisbe said...

oh my goodness, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Man... Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Shaon, from Argentina, BA, bye and good bles you.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Shaon.
Gracias Shaon. Desde Argentina.

Anonymous said...

thnx a lot bro :D

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work for me. I fail in step 5. Maybe some relation with DFreeze that I have installed. IE 7 works but explorer.exe keep broken. But nice work.


Anonymous said...

Cool----- Bill Already has enough...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the guide. It worked like a charm.

Carl0s said...

I think i'm the only person that the validater still bogs out on!?

I go passed the 'I accept' stage in the setup for IE7, When I get to the Validate stage, I click next! Needless to say it say's it's unable to to Validate due to non-genuine Windows! Any Idea?! Everything you've told me to do work's otherwise :D

Any help is much appreciated, Carl0s!
You can get to me using my e-mail adress

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can’t follow your steps because the only file I can download is not a *.rar file but a self-extract file. Could you please indicate to me how to find the *.rar one? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, you really helped me out..

Anonymous said...

good try, but ,in my case, couldn't activate tabs, in any way, however this option is checked active in iexplorer settings.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to your procedure.

Anonymous said...

it works in spanish windows xp too!!! excellent work, congratulations

computerkidt said...

works great i just like to have my pc 100% up-to-date even if i dont need it. I use firefox cuz its the best (even for those of you that think it doesnt have more holes in it that others) mainly cuz of the tabing and extentions but now microsoft stole the tabing what next IE8 has firefox extentions. bullshit microsoft even copy evey last setting for the tabed browsing like warnin when closin mutliple tabs and open links as tabs.

I wish i started usin linux as a kid cuz now I've been usin winodws so long I know to much about time to switch now

P.S. o ya and for you mom's boys that are all agianst pirating from the world's RICHEST company you can blow me and while your at it im sure bill gates would like you to blow him too and while your blowin him let him take what little money you got left after buy windows

computerkidt said...

TO BLOG AUTHOR: i dont know how stricked you are im guess ing not that stricked cuz you publish how to crack IE7 so please Ferdous Mahmud Shaon approve my post b4 this one (some admins bitch about that kind of bashing or microsoft lovers)

Virion Gunasena said...

hi..may i post this tips in my personal blog, please? :)
thanks in advanced.
lookin forward to hearing from you, soon!

Anonymous said...

Easy instructions and installation.
Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, this helped.

Shaon said...

Hey Virion Gunasena,

Yap... you can post these tips in your personal blog... But, I hope you won't forget to give me a credit by linking my page...

take care.. ciao!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it works! great :)

Anonymous said...

you are a genious//man thank u very much.... keep going n have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks dude....its very easy and grt...apperciate it...

Anonymous said...

thanks! this works perfectly ;)! thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

u guys shud be ashamed of yourself. u curse Microsoft as "Microsuck" and "Microcrap" but in reality u r desperately trying to run their software. For those who r running Firefox 2.0, IE7 is equally capable and i'd like to advice them that there is no use of them trying to Bypass WGA and installing IE7. i use both. IE7 is more user-frienly but Firefox is still better.

Anonymous said...

Yaar, you're a genius... much appreciated

Anonymous said...

By george, it worked.

Anonymous said...

I followed the istructions and i did installed IE 7 BUT, there seems to be a problem. I can't see the toolbar where the tools,options and stuff are, and so i can't access the internet options and stuff. Also no tabbing is installed! It's like i have only updated the look of the ie6 to the look of IE7! Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Uhh... Microsoft requires validation just to download IE7. are people getting past that?

Anonymous said...

hi, i can't open ''update.exe'' how i can open it?

Dronma said...

Internet Explorer 7 is really great!
Thanks a lot! :-)
For those who complain about missing functions: don't forget to run "xmllitesetup.exe" at the end, too... ;-)

Gandhi said...

It's not working anymore!
Now you have to validate your Windows copy before downloading IE7

Anonymous said...

TO DOWNLOAD ie7,without validation go to-

Anonymous said...

MS wanted to validate my XP b4 i can download IE7, i wonder how u guys bypass this to download the software? can show me the way pls?

Anonymous said...

MS want to validate my XP b4 i can download IE7! i wonder how u guys bypass that? can show me the way pls?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help.
It worked.
We will never meet again

Shaon said...

Those who are facing genuine windows validation problem while downloading IE7 installer from the Microsoft site, can also download this installer alternatively from here or directly from here .

Anonymous said...


On step 4 during installation I get few pop-up error messages "access is denied" and "ie7 installation did not complete", then XP restarts by itself. I don't even come to the point where I choose ‘exit/finish without restart’ option.

Waste of time. :(

mrmass said...

thanks, man! this article and the one about installing media player are very useful ;)

duke23 said...

u are the best man

Nadeen said...


Hey, SOME ONE HELP ME...anyone
I tried the previous steps on my PC and everything went fine..but I did the same for my laptop and after the first restart (step 5) I couldn’t see anything on my desktop except a warning:

“this application has failed to start because: Normaliz.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

And I tried step 6, but I’m getting:

“The system cannot find the file specified.”

I’m losing hope, what should I do?????
Please give me a way to fix this...I could not lose my files!!!!
I don’t want to format my PC!!!!!...noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Cool Dude! I gave you respect!

Judas Ali-Qu said...

it won't run anymore; people in Microsoft have noticed...
but thanks anyway for your help.
(I have already IE7beta1 and I think it's no so good)

esto ya no va a funcionar más; los de Microsoft se han dado cuenta...
pero gracias de todos modos por tu ayuda.
(Ya tengo IE7beta1 y no creo que sea tan bueno)


findus said...

all went well following your instructions apart from plain blue screen on starting up explorer with heading "customise settings" ?

any advice on this plz

Anonymous said...

Followed the intruction steps 1-7 to the letter, and it worked flawlessly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help!! It really helped me. Thank you!!

Muchas gracias, from Madrid,Spain.


Anonymous said...

Thx, helped alot, used some adwords :).



Anonymous said...

Hi Shaon

I have installed IE7 by this method and I have a non genuine windows, will I be able to download any updates of IE7

Anonymous said...

Really useful. I found several such pages offering guidance, didn't manage to install properly. Yours was very detailed. Thanks

Koko said...

Thanks a lot :) You made my day!!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Snappykhaki said...

...worked great.

Anonymous said...

Instructions works great!!!

AlexanderVH said...

Thank you mate!... It DID work!...

zmb said...

great done!!! many thanks! best wishes for new year! :)

Todd W said...

Excellent! Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the great post. For all the "Piracy" accusations, consider this: I bought a Dell Dimension with Win XP Home, then installed my MSDN Subscription Win XP Pro on it. And now I cannot validate my windows install and am thankful for this post. Kind of reminds me of when .NET first came out -- I wanted to buy a version and called Microsoft and they told that I had to buy an MSDN subscription to get it -- at that time I couldn't buy a stand-alone version. So of course I was forced to get it from a friend's MSDN. Hey, I offered to pay. Sometimes MS just can't cater to each individual case.

James W said...


I just tried it an ran right into MS WGA! MS is on to you.

I went into the update folder like you said and replaced the iecustom.dll then clicked on update.exe within the folder got the IE7 beta2 setup screen hit next and there was the dreaded WGA activation. OK np I said came off the Net clicked OK it went ahead with the install about 3/4 way into the install I get ACCESS DENIED!

Oh well...Just have to keep searching....MS Googles Bypass WGA too....

roy said...

i added a file called "WPA_registry.reg" to the registry the installed as usual, easy as that :)
serch the web for "WPA_registry.reg"

Anonymous said...

I tried to update IE using the "UPDATE.EXE" in the update folder, but it keeps telling me that I have to run "iesetup.exe" first. Is anyone else getting this and is there a way around this?

Gabrola said...

I doesn't work for me it syas the send:dont send thingy for me i checked all my steps nothings wrong whats going on?

Anonymous said...

mira guapo milagrosamente despues de hacer todo lo que has dicho, he podido salvar mi portatil, joder, si vienes a españa me lo haces tu y te invito a una paella SE ME QUEDO todo en color azul y no se como cojones he hecho y he podido desinstalar,..... ahora todo como antes COJONUDO.....CON EL ie6...y si eso pon tambien las instrucciones eN ESPAñol pero como para tontos valee

feliz año tio

Nick said...

I'm STUMPED on Step 5. I downloaded it but wheres the “c:\” drive!?

casoabierto said...

Thank You Shaon Bhaia For the help! All run great!


Nick said...

If you have the problem where you click Update Exe. and it tells you to run iesetup all you do is copy and paste iecustom.dll to the update folder, not the x86 folder, the folder inside the x86 folder and there should be a folder called " Update Folder " Now Paste iecustom.dll by right clicking the Update folder by pressing paste, and now run the Update.exe, and it should work now.

**BTW it worked! Thanks Shaon!

gaurav said...

hye dude, u r just cool man.!!! thats really cool but do u have any idea how can i convert my Windows Xp into the genuine windows. Please reply for god's sake


Anonymous said...

Well done, You're the best.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are the number one :)

IE7 & WMP11 are running now in my computer

Many, many, thanks for this so detailed 'how to..'


ekardo said...

thanks a zillion....all the way from singapore!! :)

Anonymous said...

works fine

Anonymous said...

There is a way to convert your pirated OS to 100% GENUINE OS. The mother of all HACKS! Heres the link:

Anonymous said...

thanks man, thats realy help my job. thaks a lot

Anonymous said...

Optimized design along with new cool interface, favorites centre, search box, RSS feeds and most importantly easy to use tabbed browsing are the exclusive features of this new internet explorer.

Umm, these aren't exclusive features to IE7, they have actually copied most of them from FireFox.

They were exclusive to FireFox before the realease of IE7.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the information on IE7 and WMP 11..:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend. It works.

Anonymous said...

Worked perfectly for me. I followed the directions exactly. Using WinBorg v5.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i followed the above steps however am still facing with a blank desktop despite typing in the code for the cmd. any help pls? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Friend i suggest you do a system restore then go back to the 'cracking' process (start from scratch). This may help solve your problem. Skip with the "manual typing" method just copy paste the needed keys.

Anonymous said...

so bad, im contacting Microsoft

Anonymous said...

Or how about not pirating Windows to begin with? That probably works too...

how bout you just shut the fuck up.
You can be a prude if you want.
Dont stop other people from doing legitimate business k thanks bud.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much my mate, keep up your good work. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I dont have words to thank u my friend


Anonymous said...

U re so fucking GOODDDDD! TNKS!

Anonymous said...

long live HACKERS! Is there anybody who knows to crack VISTA? Here again is the link to make your pirated windows original.

Anonymous said...

Worked first time no probs cheers

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Shaon BHaia, some heavy masturbation from fuckwits suggesting we actually pay for xp!

Anonymous said...


This link does work and the software works nice as well. just follow the directions inside. thx =)

Anonymous said...

I must say that this thing works......
I used Mozilla, but now I'll use IE7 because in Mozilla you always have to install missing plugins

Kostya said...

Works perfectly and not too confusing to do. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! Great work!

But I realy preffer firefox.

Anonymous said...

roy said...
"i added a file called "WPA_registry.reg" to the registry the installed as usual, easy as that :)
serch the web for "WPA_registry.reg"


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip.

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Anonymous said...

Hey i haven't tried out this but i tried ur Windows Media player 11 installation and was successful.I have a different problem yaar please can u tell me how to solve it.I hope u will help me out.I have downloaded IE7 but mine is a pirated copy.when i try to install it directly without any tricks it shows :-Setup cannot continue.
Windows Geniune Validation .please validate ur copy.When i click on the validate button it shows me : u r a victim of sofware counterfeiting.I've herad from my friends that there i a sofware patch for windows XP after installing it Microsoft tells that ur copy is geniune.But i don't have that software.I searced google but can't find anything.Please can u send me a link to download the patch for windows XP.please i neeed ur help please shaon please i beg of u.Plaese tell me how to escape this proble.please i beg of email id is send me a reply on this id.plaese i need it urgent.please please please please

Anonymous said...

My friend try this link: It will make your pirated XP to genuine XP. No need for cracks to download ie7, windows defender etc.

Anonymous said...


Me funcionó totalmente.

Aunque mi favorito sigue siendo Firefox..

Barranquilla, Colombia

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Anonymous said...

no luck

Anonymous said...

Very good and simple tutorial. I'm going to try this out as soon as I can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good work on the IE7. I needed it. thanx!

Anonymous said...

dude you rock

Anonymous said...

Thanks man your guide was very good

Anonymous said...

After doing Step 5, I get a popup box called 'Setup Error' saying "installation did not complete"..

Do i need to execute normaliz.exe in step 4??

Please help. Thx.

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Anonymous said...

Thxz a lot dude!!! U rock!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your guide!! I used both the one for IE7 and media player on 3 different computers, and they worked perfectly every time, so obveously the ones having problems are doing something wrong.And it's obveous that some people just have to be a jerk, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this is great man...thanks for this amazing tip..

points to u...and ur other guides look amazing as well..

keep those updates coming...thnx again

Anonymous said...

Larry said,

Thanks a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Shaon: You're my hero.. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.. (tha simple mortals) and someday a payback will come, If there's anything i can do for you i will... really! thanks again I'll write to you so we can chat someday.

Fernando (from Mexico City)

khaleel said...

Hi Guyz tried to visit : !!!! But the Guyz have removed the File. If someone has downloadedthis file before plz send it to me on PLZ Need help

xagb said...

Nunca posteo..
pero pana.. me has salvado la vida..
eres un genio!!

I never make a post..
but "pana" you are the only one!!
thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Still works.. new patched dll files and full instructions here
Rapidshare link
Hurry while its there. Works 100%

Anonymous said...

Sorry link didn't work properly:
just copy it instead..

Anonymous said...

it's works prefectly, thks!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If you happened to install the new IE7 and launched update.exe and suddenly oops! You got an "Access Denied" message. The solution is a piece of cake.

1. Close all spyware detection programs. If you have spybot S&D installed and have immunized your system, you may want to tick that option off first.

2. Reboot your computer so that any previously failed installations are removed.

3. Run regedit.exe and expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

Change each the following keys in the way given below:








b. In the Permissions dialog box, select the “administrators” group

c. In the lower pane, check the boxes for “full control” and “read”, then
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d. From the Advanced Security Settings Dialog box, select “Administrators”
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e. From the Permissions Entry dialog box, check the first item in the list

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4. Reboot your computer

5. Install IE7 and it should work!!

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Do you have a x64 version of iecustom.dll and normaliz.dll or the method used to hack those files i.e. in which hexa offset should I change the string to make things work ? I would appreciate. ThankYou

Anonymous said...

To hell with Microsoft!

Maybe next OS after Vista will require 10Gigs of memory, IntelPentiumX..., 4 gigs - 1024bit Graphics card... and all these doubled if you want to run old applications, e.g. old DOS games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the shit PC stores collect older PCs and send them for recycling(=garbage), and give you 10E discount not to have them and run old apps and games like Doom, Quake...

OK I must admit some things are nice: MS Publisher is easy. Scribus is crap compared with Publisher.
Also I prefer Firefox (Torpark flavor, for those who understand what I am talking about. The rest go and Google;-)). But this is hell too, when running under WindowsME. It crushes Windows 1 out of 10 times! CrushFox!!!

So we must be balanced. But properly balanced!

-jhk-xplosion- said...


It's me again bro...

Thanks alot for sharing this wisdom, You really rock dude! I'm just following ur method men..and no hustle i just got what i want..Brand New Look Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11...Wow!

Thanks!!!!More power!!

VelocityBoy said...

I just wanted to say much thanks for posting this work-around. Like most things that seem to good to be true I was a bit sceptical about trying it. But oh yeah did this work like a charm. Even with FlyakiteOSX 3.5 running it worked without issue and no need to use the normaliz.dll fix.

Thanks so much for this site. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...


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