Saturday, October 21, 2006

Habib's First Solo Album 'Shono' Released...

After record breaking sales of the last three albums ‘Krishno’, ‘Maya’ & ‘Moina Go’, Habib Wahid is back again to take Bangladesh Music Industry by storm. This famous composer has released his first solo album titled "Shono!" in this Eid from Laser Vision.

Shono by Habib
The album contains nine original pop fusion songs all composed by Habib. Eight of them have been sung by Habib himself and his dad, Ferdous Wahid has also sung a track titled ‘Calenderer Pata’ in this album. Most of the lyrics of the album are writen by Saquie Ahmed, of ‘Din Gelo’ fame. The album has already created massive buzz among listeners of all kinds and is expected to be the biggest hit of this Eid.

# Track-list :
  • Shopner Cheyeo Modhur
  • Jadu
  • Mon Muniya
  • Elomelo Mon
  • Projapoti
  • Ae Shomoye
  • Calenderer Pata
  • Poran Pakhi
  • Ekhon-i Nambe Brishti

Being a Habib fan, I have collected this album as soon as it has been released and I have really liked it a lot… and among those tracks ‘Shopner Cheo Modhur’ (1st track), ‘Elomelo Mon’ (4th track) and ‘Ekhon-i Nambe Brishti’ (9th track) are awesome. I have already uploaded some of my favorite tracks from this album in the Music Section of this weblog. You can also directly download them from here. And in case you are looking for the CD Cover along with the lyrics of the songs, then get those from here and here. So folks, don’t forget to listen those tracks and I am sure you would love them as well. And if you are looking for some other tracks (which are not uploaded yet) from this album, then you can make a request here. Ciao!!!


Samia =) said...

Yeah Readers, you can safely take Shaon's advice and download the tracks... You'll surely love them because I know I did =P

Anonymous said...

shaon bhai kotin... nice sharing...
keep up your good works...
best wisher...
-nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

Rikhi said...

its been more than 2 weeks and i still cant stop listening to the songs .. awesome album! :)

Russell said...

I'm absolutely in love with the second track :)

Anonymous said...

I am one of your greatest fans since I was 10 and now have i have liked u since that day
for 3-4 years.
I love your new album shono its been 1 month and i have already rememorized the whole album lyrics i wish u the very best and hope u vist toronto so i cant see u again.

FROM: Merab Ahmed

kazi said...

Dear habib i am one of your greatest fans since i was 10 and i have like u since that day for 3 yars.
I realy love your new album shono it is great its been 1 month and i have memorized the whole album lyrics.I wish u the very best in your singing career. LOVE MEHRAB AHMED.

MEHRAB said...

Dear habib I am 1 of your greatest fans and all your albums starting from KRISHNO,MAYA,MOINA GO,HABIB EXCLUSIVE,CHOLO SHOBIA, AND SHONO.
I have memorized all albus and lyrics and i am lookin forward for u to come in TORONTO not just me 1000 of people are waiting for u


Raihan said...

Truly speaking you have an amazing collection of songs from habib and thanks to you because i was really looking for the songs and i finally found it here.

Keep up the good work.

Raihan from UAE

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for sharing stuff. I was looking for Habib's new songs, thanks again.

Anonymous said...
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alinuru' s blog said...

I, too, love Habib's music. Don't speak Bengali though. Where can I find the lyrics to his songs, transliterated into English? Does anyone know? Thanks.

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Thx, where ca I download this album?

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