Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No more 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin...

Crocodile HunterHe stalked lions. He faced off with poisonous snakes. He wrestled with crocodiles. When the end came for television's beloved ‘Crocodile Hunter’, it was in an encounter with a stingray and its venomous tail barb. Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality, mostly known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed at the age of 44 on the last Monday (Sept 04, 2006) by a stingray while shooting a new TV show on the ‘Great Barrier Reef’.

Perhaps it wasn't surprising. Steve Irwin died doing what he loved best, getting too close to one of the dangerous animals, he dedicated his life to protecting with an irrepressible, effervescent personality that propelled him to global fame. It’s almost impossible to fully understand Steve Irwin’s immense popularity around the world where his audience was measured in the hundreds of millions…

StingrayMarine experts called the death a freak accident. They said rays reflexively deploy a sharp spine in their tails when frightened, but the venom coating the barb usually just causes a very painful sting for humans.News of Irwin's death reverberated around the world, where he won popularity with millions as the man who regularly leaped on the back of huge crocodiles and grabbed deadly snakes by the tail.

"Crikey!" was his catch phrase, repeated whenever there was a close call - or just about any other event - during his television program ‘Crocodile Hunter’. First broadcast in Australia in 1992, the program was picked up by the Discovery network, catapulting Irwin to international celebrity.

"I am shocked and distressed at Steve Irwin's sudden, untimely and freakish death", Australian Prime Minister John Howard said. "It's a huge loss to Australia."

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Samia said...

I can see you have made yourself familiar with the news... I am glad... I'm sure you are just as touched by Irwin's death as the rest of us...

Rajputro said...

I loved that guy :(
And yeap the death was unusual but what happened was when the sting ray lashed him with the tail it tore his heart :(
And that's how he died.

Lubie said...

Steve Irwin was a very jolly guy I felt really shocked yesterday when I heard abt him on the news ... so shocking :| ... but yeah what we heard locally is that the tail of the stingray punctured him in the chest but the news didn't mention if it went through the heart or not ... but normally as from news stingray's venom is not strong enough to kill people ... but now I am left unanswered :S:S:S

Shaon said...

@rajputro... Yap, I used to like this guy a lot as well... and this post of mine is a tribute to the legendary crocodile hunter!

Shaon said...

@Lubie... It's really a very shocking news... :(

Shaon said...

And Samia...yap, you r the one who let me know this news first... Actually I have seen this guy a lot in tv channels and I used to like him...But i didnt know that he was killed! thnx for letting me know!

Shakia said...

it's sad...

anyway thanks for visiting my site.

Shaon said...

Hello Shakia... Welcome you to my weblog....

Yap, its very sad that our crocodile hunter in no more... :(

Samia said...

I told you you must know him, it couldn't possibly be that you didn't know who he was. Everyone knew him! And Shaon, you're welcome =)

Mehrin said...

Very shocking indeed :(

Shaon said...

Hi Mehrin... :D

It's really gr8 that my good wish is helping you out... isn't it?? :P

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