Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bloggers Around The World...

After the celebration of Blog Day, 2006, I’ve felt that every blogger should have some posts (besides his other regular posts) where he will promote some other bloggers to his visitors to help in spreading new ideas, cultures and opinions! Hence, from now ‘Bloggers Around The World’ will be one of my regular posts through which I will try to share different interesting thoughts of some other bloggers with you… So without further ado, here goes my recommended blog entries for this week…

  • Have you ever heard of ‘GOOD’ bribery?? You people may be thinking I have gone mad! But, I tell you bribes can be good as well if it's flowing in the right direction… Can’t believe me?? Then check out Mr. Salam’s exclusive idea of ‘Good Bribes’…

  • Girls are always different from guys by nature… If you are female, then you admit it or not there are certain things that you do, but guys will never do… Check out the interesting post ‘They Are From Venus’ by Mezba Bhai.

  • In Bangladesh, we all are more or less fed up with the ongoing Load Shedding problem… I think, ours is the only country in the world where hundreds of people came out from home at midnight and took part in the ‘Michhil’ for Electricity… But at the same time, there are some super optimistic persons like my friend ‘Rajputro’ who has found out some beneficial sides of Load Shedding…

  • Recently Shakia, a Bangladeshi girl living in Sweden, has had a painting exhibition! This is the first ever time she has exposed her art publicly. I have visited her online portfolio in Flickr and I must tell you that all the paintings are amazing…I am personally loving those specially because: Bangladesh and Bangladeshi culture have been reflected in her paintings...

  • Have you ever heard of the campaign: ‘Hair Cut for Cancer’?? Confused huh?? From Nowal’s blog, I came to know that cancer patients may lose their hair after taking chemotherapy as treatment.So they have to use ‘wigs’ (12 peoples hair + about 8-10 inches long = 1 wig) until their hair grows back and these ‘wigs’ are made from donated hair. Recently, Nowal has had a short hair cut for making a donation to Canadian Cancer Society. Read this full hair cut story from here.

  • Wanna know: are you in the 2% or 98% of the population?? The Bengali Fob has found an interesting Mind Game to find it out… Check out this amazing mind game from here.

  • Recently, Sumaiya Mehreen, a Bangladeshi artist, has started a digital portfolio which includes her artworks and the inspirations behind them. Take a look at her beautiful paintings.

- Visit those sites, have fun and let me know your response... Though it's not a fun time for me. As far as I know, finally my semester final exam is gonna start from the 23rd of this month... So wish me luck... Ciao!


About Author Section Update : Another testimonial was added on the 1st September and it was given by my friend Samia.


Samiha Esha said...

Good Luck Shaon Bhaia :)

smehreen said...

hi sha...thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a msg :)...happy blog day to you too. it's 3:19 at night here but can't fall i checked my blog and saw your msg.

Anonymous said...

Thnx 4 linkin me. Gud Luck 4ur xam.

Shaon said...

Hi Esha... Thnx for your wish!

Shaon said...

Hello Sumaiya Mehreen, Thnx for visiting my weblog as well... Your art works are really amazed me a lot. :-)

Shaon said...

@Anonymous... welcome! n thanks for ur wish!

mezba said...

Hey, was just checkin the stats on my page and saw you as a referrer. Thanks for the mention - yes, girls are very different!

Shaon said...

Welcome Mezba bhai.... thnx for visiting my weblog as well...

NAB said...

hey! just came across this. thanks for putting my blog up there in the post. =)

Sunny said...

interesting post shaon. Keep it up friend. :)

Anonymous said...

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