Friday, September 08, 2006

Shab-e-Barat :: Authentic or not ??

Shab-e-Barat’ is observed with due solemnity and religious fervor in different parts of the world. Specially in this subcontinent, the night is observed as an age old celebration. Although the references as to observance of ‘Shab-e-Barat’ in the Holy Hadith are regarded as weak injunctions, but the night draws a large number of devotees to salat, fasting, ziarat, poor feeding, sweet distribution and more!

Devoted Muslims of only Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan celebrate the ‘Shab-e-Barat’ on the 15th day of Shaban (the eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar). Although this night is not celebrated in any other Muslim land. ‘Shab-e-Barat’, also known as ‘Laylatul Barat’ or ‘Laylatul Nusfmin Shaban’, is a traditional Islamic day of festival and worship in the South Asia. According to the ascetic Muslims, this is the day of divine benediction. Offering prayers and fasting in this particular day is said to have greater acceptance from God.

But if one traces back the root of this prestigious night, one might come up with the fact that “No” verse of the Holy Quran has any indication pointing to the existence of any such an occasion called ‘Shab-e-Barat’. The result is same if one goes through the authentic ‘Ahadeeth’ (plural of Hadeeth), which is the sayings or doings of our great Prophet Muhammad. Nothing firm and reliable has been established on the authority of the Prophet that he held nigh vigil prayer and fasted during the day of the 15th of ‘Shaban’. So, the night of the 15th of ‘Shaban’ is like any other night, and if someone regularly observes acts of worship during other nights, then he may hold night vigil prayer on this night without assuming anything special.

It should be noted that an Islamic celebration must have its evidences in the two penultimate sources of Islam, the Quran and the Hadeeth. According to the Islamic creed, none has the right to innovate a way of worship. Only the God and his messenger, our great Prophet, hold the right to set such an occasion.

In Islam, if there is no authentic proof in an act then the act is regarded as an innovation and all innovations are misguidance. So, what we can finally tell is that, though this celebration will be observed with utmost respect by the contemporary Muslim society here in the subcontinent, but one should really think seriously about what it is all about.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No more 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin...

Crocodile HunterHe stalked lions. He faced off with poisonous snakes. He wrestled with crocodiles. When the end came for television's beloved ‘Crocodile Hunter’, it was in an encounter with a stingray and its venomous tail barb. Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality, mostly known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed at the age of 44 on the last Monday (Sept 04, 2006) by a stingray while shooting a new TV show on the ‘Great Barrier Reef’.

Perhaps it wasn't surprising. Steve Irwin died doing what he loved best, getting too close to one of the dangerous animals, he dedicated his life to protecting with an irrepressible, effervescent personality that propelled him to global fame. It’s almost impossible to fully understand Steve Irwin’s immense popularity around the world where his audience was measured in the hundreds of millions…

StingrayMarine experts called the death a freak accident. They said rays reflexively deploy a sharp spine in their tails when frightened, but the venom coating the barb usually just causes a very painful sting for humans.News of Irwin's death reverberated around the world, where he won popularity with millions as the man who regularly leaped on the back of huge crocodiles and grabbed deadly snakes by the tail.

"Crikey!" was his catch phrase, repeated whenever there was a close call - or just about any other event - during his television program ‘Crocodile Hunter’. First broadcast in Australia in 1992, the program was picked up by the Discovery network, catapulting Irwin to international celebrity.

"I am shocked and distressed at Steve Irwin's sudden, untimely and freakish death", Australian Prime Minister John Howard said. "It's a huge loss to Australia."

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bloggers Around The World...

After the celebration of Blog Day, 2006, I’ve felt that every blogger should have some posts (besides his other regular posts) where he will promote some other bloggers to his visitors to help in spreading new ideas, cultures and opinions! Hence, from now ‘Bloggers Around The World’ will be one of my regular posts through which I will try to share different interesting thoughts of some other bloggers with you… So without further ado, here goes my recommended blog entries for this week…

  • Have you ever heard of ‘GOOD’ bribery?? You people may be thinking I have gone mad! But, I tell you bribes can be good as well if it's flowing in the right direction… Can’t believe me?? Then check out Mr. Salam’s exclusive idea of ‘Good Bribes’…

  • Girls are always different from guys by nature… If you are female, then you admit it or not there are certain things that you do, but guys will never do… Check out the interesting post ‘They Are From Venus’ by Mezba Bhai.

  • In Bangladesh, we all are more or less fed up with the ongoing Load Shedding problem… I think, ours is the only country in the world where hundreds of people came out from home at midnight and took part in the ‘Michhil’ for Electricity… But at the same time, there are some super optimistic persons like my friend ‘Rajputro’ who has found out some beneficial sides of Load Shedding…

  • Recently Shakia, a Bangladeshi girl living in Sweden, has had a painting exhibition! This is the first ever time she has exposed her art publicly. I have visited her online portfolio in Flickr and I must tell you that all the paintings are amazing…I am personally loving those specially because: Bangladesh and Bangladeshi culture have been reflected in her paintings...

  • Have you ever heard of the campaign: ‘Hair Cut for Cancer’?? Confused huh?? From Nowal’s blog, I came to know that cancer patients may lose their hair after taking chemotherapy as treatment.So they have to use ‘wigs’ (12 peoples hair + about 8-10 inches long = 1 wig) until their hair grows back and these ‘wigs’ are made from donated hair. Recently, Nowal has had a short hair cut for making a donation to Canadian Cancer Society. Read this full hair cut story from here.

  • Wanna know: are you in the 2% or 98% of the population?? The Bengali Fob has found an interesting Mind Game to find it out… Check out this amazing mind game from here.

  • Recently, Sumaiya Mehreen, a Bangladeshi artist, has started a digital portfolio which includes her artworks and the inspirations behind them. Take a look at her beautiful paintings.

- Visit those sites, have fun and let me know your response... Though it's not a fun time for me. As far as I know, finally my semester final exam is gonna start from the 23rd of this month... So wish me luck... Ciao!


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