Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Anonymous said...

i stumbled into your weblog during my search for a way to make my xp genuine. i have used some of your tips, particularly about media player 11 and it worked!thanks a lot. by the way, i have been unsuccessful in my attempts to make my xp genuine; most of those i've found no longer works (microsoft must have found out). can you help me on this? i am from the philippines.

Anonymous said...

your comments about...SHAB-E-BARAT are most lovely......very rightly said that THIS NIGHT CANT BE PROVEN TO BE ANY SPECIAL THEN ANY OTHER NIGHT:D.... i was searching for the meaning and reality of this night...im from pakistan...!
lovely to know there is someone out there with similar disliking for such stupid fever for something which is as ritiualistic as rumor based as it can be. something which jews chritians...and hindus used to do...and base their religion upon..not MUSLIMS!
im not against any religion...but wish that people understand their religion more logically and realistically:D

thanks and regards

???~???? said...

after i follow ur instruction to install IE7, i follow all step but when i come to copy the normalize.dll file into system32 n i reboot my computer but i found that all desktop are missing then i follow ur instruction to zip the normalize.exe into system32 but it pop out"cannot create output normalize.dll" n the normalize.dll canot delete from my system n now my computer totally cannot see any desktop icon.....how can it be????
pls reply me as soon as possible or msn me in jazz_0906@hotmail.com.....
thanks a lot!!

Sharad said...

This is my first time visit to your blog. Its really nice.

Anonymous said...

HI ..
i juz wanted to say ur post really are really great ..

especially that WMP and IE ..

if u are free , can u plz post a blog about

plz plz plz help me wif this ..

mukul dutt said...

hey dude ur simply gr8 i wanted to ask whether u could do something for downloading the videos of LP's minutes to midnight

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pinaki said...

I am Pinaki from India. can u please courier me the collections of Wahid Habib.
Not getting it over here
will be highly obliged
Pinaki Sengupta
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West Bengal

Sami said...

why cant i download the song Rodela Dupur?

Anonymous said...

Hi, brother, I follow you correctly for updateing I.E.7, but at the end of update process it shows registered key error, and system reboot automaticly, pls help me how could i do update my I.E. with this one, Well, U are rocking, as i judge in WMP-11 installation. Well help me out in making my xp as genuine for always. I Shall be very thankful. Sandy, New Delhi India. With great regard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forget to give my mail i.d. i.e. chinuchunky@yahoo.com

Sandy, New Delhi, India

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forget to give my mail i.d. i.e. chinuchunky@yahoo.com

Sandy, New Delhi, India

Anonymous said...

Can anywan sent me software for activation windows vista ultimate sp1..... my laptop left 15 day before the vista out...
email zubairbe@hotmail.com

arman said...

hey man what part of dhaka do u live in....im am visiting dhaka from the US i am currently staying in bashundhara

Micromedia said...

Dude , this blog really rocks !!!!

haidar abu bakar said...

Asalamualaikum brother.
Thank you for your list of data recovery softwares. I was really desperate to recover some very important files. May Allah bless you for your kind efforts in spreading your knowledge.
haidar abu bakar from kuala lumpur

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm pretty new to all this document conversion stuff, but your instruction were clear and concise and it worked. Thank you very much.

roy said...

i watched ur youtube video on installing windows media player 11. my problem is, i don't know how or where to find the set-up button (in orderfor me to extract the file). I need ur help pls.... Thank you so much!!! This is my email add: rbanonuevo168@gmail.com